A Golden Day Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar

A Golden Day

Rating: 3.4

I Found you and I lost you,
All on a gleaming day.
The day was filled with sunshine,
And the land was full of May.

A golden bird was singing
Its melody divine,
I found you and I loved you,
And all the world was mine.

I found you and I lost you,
All on a golden day,
But when I dream of you, dear,
It is always brimming May.

Prince Kodom 30 January 2012

poetry like this feeds the soul and shelters the heart

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Manonton Dalan 30 January 2012

what could a man found and lost in one day that happens on may? i would say their mom. may is month when mother's day is celebrated. he probably see his mom every mother's day.

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Carlos Echeverria 30 January 2012

in winter's cold dread a heart-warming poem I read

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Jean Dament 30 January 2010

A lovely, but sad poem of love found & then lost. It's sure one we can all relate to. It has a lovely, natural flow to it too. Thanks for sharing. Spiritsong

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Kuzo Freak 30 January 2012

I love it! ! ! ! ! I think this is amazing: D

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anonymous pwrerson 06 November 2020

thanks its really beuatiful poem

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Baquee Billah Ahmed 08 September 2018

nice poem....thank U so much for sharing........

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ayende 01 June 2018

supreme; and inspirational

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Brittany Rivera 18 August 2017

Beautiful poem, I love it one of my favorite poem.

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Chinedu Dike 14 January 2017

Beautiful romantic poem, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with conviction.

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