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Words, words, words dancing in my head,
It usually happens when I've just gone to bed,
They toss around til I can no longer sleep;
And my thoughts become crowded when in those words creep;

Looking out my window one day, I captured a breathtaking sight;

Where clouds had formed into a featherlike dove,


Magic happens when the heart opens to love & bliss,
There's magic in that special kiss,

Theres magic seen in another's eyes & smile,

A cry sounds out, only into silence;
As one wonders, is it the falling of insanity?
When no one comprehends the pain,
Alone it echoes off it'self-displaced & lost to the world,

Upon the golden shores of history written in the sand lies our poetry,
Some of our poems will linger there only for a short period of time;
While the most meaningful ones will leave a lasting imprint upon another's heart & mind,
Our deepest expressions, thoughts & feelings are quite fragile gifts;

There are times when I feel like I'm adrift out at sea;
Where I'm floating upon life's troubled waters;
And then just in time you're there to rescue me,
Leaving me to wonder why you even bother,

Our love was a perfect one that has now been put to sleep;
As we once did cherish one another, but it couldn't keep,
We were to marry,
But instead it became a burden we must now carry,

A cup of tea is my pure pleasure;
When I sit down at my leisure,
A gentle brew will ease up my tensions that have taken their toll;
While it also tends to soothe my very soul,

One solitary dove rests on a garden vine,
Lingering there in a sweet calmness, oh! so divine,

His pure white coat is glowing in the sun,

Ever had a bad day where nothing goes right;
And it seems that light has suddenly turned dark & into night,
Each thing that you try becomes such a fight for life;
Where everything feels so frightfully full of strife,

As a child in the 50's I remember a time;
When lots could be bought for simply a dime,
Chips, pop, milk & comic books;
And sometimes a nickel was all it took,


Angels seem to take flight all year long both day & night,
Some are seen...while some remain out of sight,
They dispel darkness into light anew,
Performing good deeds while being loyal & true,

Everyday life hangs lightly in a delicate balance;
Where nothing should be left to chance;
And time should not be taken for it's something free,
Even though our problems can overwhelm us...we need to let them be;

Two swans are adrift on the lake in all their splendor,
A sweet vision to behold in it's true grandeur,
Ghostlike images that you may encounter,
Unaware of their surroudings; while they effortlessly saunter,

They say it's nifty to be Fifty,
But what about turning Sixty?
We feel somewhat like a rose dying on the vine;
And our minds & bodies are slowly fading over time,

I came upon a sacred view along my way;
While walking through the woods one day,
Such calm & beauty gave me pause when it appeared like a dream;
While I beheld this enchanted woodland scene,

A day at the carnival is filled with lots of joys & thrills,
It's similiar in life; as we sometimes endure fun & then sometimes spills;
Where we can be riding so high one day, like being atop a big ferris wheel,
With the wind blowing in our hair & no worries do we feel,

As I've aged, it seems I have come to the autumn of my life;
Where I'm left with remnants of dreams & things that lag behind,
Yet what remains is a mellow feeling of contentedness,
It's liken to autumn -that brings a pause in time;

A solitary lighthouse abides by the sea so majestic & oh! so true,
A stronghold for vessels sailing out on the rough waters of the misty blue;
While sounding an alarm to keep sailors from their plight;
And guiding their passage with it's glowing safety of light,

A captivating geisha wanders through a lovely flower garden,
Burdened with a heavy heart & wanting pardon,
Looking so fragile,
But not quite so; as many others would otherwise tell,

Jean Dament Biography

I have only been writing poetry since 2004. After a bout with cancer I was inspired to pen my thoughts & feelings; which turned into my first worthy poem called 'Out of Darkness'. It was published by Noble House in 'Centres of Expression'-2008. I have continued to enjoy writing poetry since. I have always loved reading other people's works of art; & never imagined myself creating some poetry of my own. I also use Spiritsong as my poetic name. I like to be called Jeannie by my friends.)

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A Poet's Lament

Words, words, words dancing in my head,
It usually happens when I've just gone to bed,
They toss around til I can no longer sleep;
And my thoughts become crowded when in those words creep;
So up I get to pen them down,
Sometimes they even cause me to wear a frown,
It's like a curse that haunts & plays with my mind,
But once complete my poems do leave me joy behind;
So onward the words begin to grow with a definite flow;
And then I can only hope it makes me a better poet as I go.

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Jean Dament Popularity

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