A Great Thanks To Allpoetry

A great thanks to Allpoetry

I take the pen…no…sorry…reach for the keyboard…open a new page and start;
Intention is to complain: “why to read two poems? ” then I think: “shall I buy? ”
I change my mind…walk softly, smoothly, slowly and soundlessly…I must read
I decide to borrow, even steal from the fruits that have flies and, are in counting;
I try to share the blanket promised to the sister and read “this girl…every groggy
Morning…cursed…dried lime…and…and…”

A humongous “No”…I will read the two poems and I will not pay the fee…I read…

Inspired by the poems read I travel to distances in time and the places and recall…
We, four brothers, were in “Davood” (Son of Imam) …a mountainside camping area
We had only one blanket…a single military blanket. Sky was dark blue and fearful
It had thousands of witch eyes, stars that died and I did not know what comet meant.
The dying stars had tale and soon disappeared…moon was rude; had killed the sun;
It was cold. Our oldest joined his friends and we, the three, were orphans. I was the
Youngest and in the middle, warmed by the heat of brothers more than that of the
Blanket…they pulled and pulled and the blanket tore into halves. We became some
Ducklings after…

I recall the rainwater pooling, in Qeshm and in Chaco and how I was saved and…

I rather read the poems than pay to All-Poetry…and I do not complain…thanks…