A Heart That Wants To Stay A 'friend'. Poem by Kyle Shield Laster

A Heart That Wants To Stay A 'friend'.

Rating: 2.8

I shall speak of Love and things.
I pray my words will give it wings:
To fly and never know again-
A heart that wants to stay a 'friend'.

Now throw your eyes unto another,
Never turn them from each other,
Bravely think of all your life;
Now have Those eyes, yet, brought you strife?

Monday, June 30, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Tia Maria 13 July 2008

As I read more of your poems today I must tell you I am blown away!

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Cynthia Hand 05 July 2008

this poem is one of the best ive read yet keep doing this keep writing you never know what it could bring you

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Tai Chi Italy 30 June 2008

A wistfully romantic piece here Kyle! Jessica is right, you are talented poet indeed, this piece has an endearing shakespearian quality to it. You should be proud, smiling at you, Tai

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Jessica Golden 30 June 2008

Wow. I was looking through the poetry list on the Home page, when I happened to come across Kyle S. Hamp again. Your poetry is very moving. I'm so glad to have heard more poetry from you. You're a wonderful poet, Kyle, Keep up the great work! -Jessica Golden

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Kyle Shield Laster

Kyle Shield Laster

Clarksdale, Mississippi
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