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Who are you & where did I go
Where is the girl I used to know
Who is this woman staring back at me
Who are you, where could I be

The love that I see in your father’s eyes
The smile on his face as he talks with you
How the sound of your voice lights up his life
Every time he is on the phone with you

Uninvited thoughts, corrupt a verse
And poetry, you become a curse
Memory, you can be so unkind
Your constant ability, to remind

When I feel there is no hope
And begin to feel I shall not cope
I reach up to the bookshelf to find
Something to read to ease my mind

Naked save for her delicate butterfly wings
She lays on a toadstool as mother nature sings
A posy of wild flowers held up to her nose
Long pixie slippers curl over her toes

Good heaven's above
you ask could it be love
Darn right you are
and from so afar

A troubled heart, a troubled mind
that never meant to be unkind.
No way to undo what's been done
Nowhere to hide nowhere to run

As I walked home
with you tonight
Just like my heart
The moon was bright.

Just when I thought I had it all
God sent me another little angel
So delicate, so very sweet
With perfect hands & perfect feet

I was just sitting here doing my thing
Whistling a tune, started to sing
When all of a sudden, I realised
Why it's our song I am singing

It feels just like Christmas time
Waiting for this surprise of mine
What is it, whatever could it be
I am wondering, so excitedly

A mirage of you beckons me and I thirst
to drink deep from your cup and to share
the pool of paradise with you my love and feel
cool waters caress our burning desire and wash

Swimming in this state of confusion
In undercurrents she may lose him
Love has only been unkind
In the backwash of her mind

So there you are, in cyber love
a little surprise from above.
Another angel just stopped by
with a gift to take you on a high

She smiles to try and stop the tears
and laughs to put him back at ease
Even after so many years
her fragile heart he still will tease

Kisses in the morning
I cannot give to you
So in this simple poem
I am writing them to you

A place to come when the world at times
Seems full of hate and war and crimes
Where I chose to read of Love
Nature and the skies above

Unable to resist your charms
And now I wake in your arms
Will you really treat me kind
Is this love, am I blind

When love is lost and you're in despair
There is another kind of love out there
A love with a very precious touch
A love so lovely for it means so much

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A Stranger In The Mirror

Who are you & where did I go
Where is the girl I used to know
Who is this woman staring back at me
Who are you, where could I be

What happened to that girl
with the big brown eyes
Now all that I can see
Is sadness & lines

I am done with all this
No more pain & sorrow
Just walk away, say goodbye
Please don't come back tomorrow

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

i love your poems very much

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Kris Smith 10 September 2008

Tia is a writer of warmth and sensativity, her work catches the eye and warms the heart of the reader, her feelings of all about her are genuine, this lady is a talented poet and a serious read for all that love good poetry. Read and enjoy Respect talent.

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