A Human Without A Land Poem by Khaoula Basty

A Human Without A Land

Rating: 5.0

I am a human without a Land
I am a human without a nation
I am a human without dignity
But I'm still a human
I've tried to find a path
I've tried to create a way
To enjoy life
But war breaks my hope
War breaks my home
War erases my dream
War makes me scream
Why do they make war?
Are they human beings? I doubt!
Why don't they make art?
I'm a landlord, But they force me To flee for safety but I'm not safe
I used to live in a castle
Now, I live in a shelter
I lost my family, all my friends
I lost all my memories of the past
Even more, I lost my feelings
Before I leave, I want you
To forgive me,
I don't put my smile on my face,
The war breaks it with my home!

Sunday, May 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: war,war memories
Jazib Kamalvi 02 May 2017

The painful memories and outcomes of war. Pray for peace. Thanks

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Khaoula Basty 18 October 2017

unfortunately we are living in a world of war!

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