Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 521 Points (22 September / London)

A Letter Of Advice On A Blockhead After William M Praed A Letter Of Advice - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Dear Titus a contest has started
to ask about blocking exchange,
from far and near scribblers are charted
to test the extent of their range.
One thought one would add, tender hearted,
the reasons some offer seem strange.
Here's my voice for coherency that id
and ego could run to arrange.

Dear Titus you've asked about blocking
those who comments oft copy and paste,
and those with insults in their stocking
who, bitter, goodwill fritter, waste.
Should one justly ignore with door locking
those who trophies exchange in their haste
to hold contests too quickie, taste mocking,
what would you advise, culprittraced?

Mary seems quite contrary, too clocking
a block from this writer well placed,
as some contests appeared to be hocking
point favours whose flavors distaste
brought and taught hand has no need for knocking
on THAT door for fair judgement cased,
so whenever the crowds come a-flocking
I'm absent, amused by their haste.

Should one tolerate those, the boat rocking,
anonymous pseudos debased,
or respond, not react, to their shocking
behaviour online lacking taste,
so short term as they squirm, blow half-cocking
credibility, consequence faced
too seldom while points they keep stocking
at others' expense, trust misplaced?

To return to the question of blocking,
two hundred's the top, has replaced
unlimited candid_dates docking,
puff adders snuffed, egos erased.
It saves time, one can rhyme for friends, grocking
true talents deserving, well praised,
no need to regret interlocking
ignoramous who's barriers raised.

Two shy of line limit imparted
one suggests that where others shortchange
it is apt they're from interplay parted:
do not let derangement derange!
Other fish in the sea aren't half-hearted,
itch bitch fingers infected with mange.
So flow free! Let them be! Soon departed
blockhead school fools surf sur[e]ly short-range!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(7 March 2012)

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