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A Little Refugee Was Found Alone Ashore, But Dead

Those poor refugees fled their houses away To meet horrible situation away too... A little refugee whose parents got perished In one of those death's boats found alone dead Like someone who has just finished his prayers... No one knows exactly what happened To that innocent soul or even To his parents or the rest who were aboard that Boat at a certain moment... Those rescuers found that little innocent boy dead Alone ashore without his parents! The big-bellied sea swallowed everyone, but It threw that little body ashore after he pronounced dead... Of course, that three-year old boy suffered a lot, but Finally was thrown ashore to tell us a certain message... We are all responsible for what happened to that little soul Directly or indirectly, Willingly or unwillingly, and If we want or if we don't want... Our whole world is greatly strange, vague, and weird Towards all those death tolls of those poor refugees... Yes, of course, our whole world should be blamed and Without any exemptions anytime... Dead consciences prevail only to control this world's will, but There are no other alternatives... Death tolls tell us daily about those fleeing refugees into those Unknown havens anytime... They tell you to come to their destinations, but It's your job to do your best... It's a long trip to get into those remote havens, but You don't any choices utterly... Those poor refugees risk their lives just to reach the impossible Which is not fully worthy... Our whole world is utterly blind, deaf, and even dumb Simply because that the only way with it... Please keep in your mind that you will find tomorrow A lot of deed refugees here and there, Anywhere, and even everywhere... Thanks to the whole civilized world for its support! I don't have more words to tell the whole world about about what Happened to that little and innocent boy who was found ashore alone.____________________________________________________________________

A Little Refugee Was Found Alone Ashore, But Dead
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: loss
Kim Barney 02 September 2015

Sad, sad, sad. So much trouble in the world, and what can most of us do about it? Not much.

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