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A Lost Prayer

Rating: 3.6

I am here
among these lonely
tides of faith
roaring loudly
in my ears.

Lost voices
screaming warnings
in an antique tongue.

Sounds like trumpets
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dissatified exmember 06 February 2005

This has so much spiritual depth. It is a very clever piece.I Love it. (((Hugs)))

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Rich Hanson 30 January 2005

I liked the intriguing twist that you put on the ending

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Janice M Pickett 24 March 2009

Another great poeem fromy ou dear friend. I have missed you heaps

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Anna Magdalena 05 January 2007

This poem is great. And I don't mean 'great', in the sense that your favorite restaurant is great. I mean 'great' in the sense that Abraham Lincoln was great. And I don't just say that because I love you. I've read a gazillion of your poems, and loved most of them. But this one...this one is great.

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A. B. 11 May 2005

I loved it. Specially how the world 'smiles and whistles'. :)

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Sandra Osborne 07 February 2005

Thank you guys, I really humbly thank you.

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Christine Magee 07 February 2005

Profound and beautiful imagery. I love this. Chrissie

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