A Love In Bucharest… Poem by Wael Karameh

A Love In Bucharest…

Rating: 3.5

In a strange city called Bucharest
Walking in the heavy rain just alone...
I was feeling so bad, feeling so sad
From my wet skin to my smallest bone...

Frankly, I didn't want to come back to the hotel
I was eager for a drink of wine... perhaps a bottle! ! !
Very tired but I didn't want to go to sleep...
Something inside me was hurting so deep...
My body was heavy like I was holding a tone
I waited long to hear the ring of my dam phone
Maybe you will call and I will hear your voice
But it seems… In a strange city called Bucharest
I was dreaming and waking up was the right choice…

I returned to my room just alone
With a belief that Love doesn’t belong to this cold city…
Love can survive in an open space and not a closed cone! ! !

Wael Karameh
June 30,2009.

Ken E Hall 18 November 2009

Loneliness so deep in the mind which could be cured with a single phone call alone in a city of blank faces, Maybe tomorrow++10 regards

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painful and sorrowful feeling very touchingly said..10++++

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