A Naked Woman Poem by Wael Karameh

A Naked Woman

Rating: 3.5

Tell me more about yourself
I can’t wait till I discover…
A naked heart, clear like the dawn
Is the shortest way for a true lover…
I always dreamt to meet a lady
Whose face is shiny without a cover…

Tell me the truth whatever it is
To know is no question, a far much better…
Say it directly and face to face
No need to write it in an e-mail or a letter…
Trust is a journey in the world of love
To succeed we should fully believe in this matter...
Tell me the truth with a clear voice
no need to think, to hesitate or to utter! ! !

Wael Karameh.
April 2,2009.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 25 September 2009

Such thro’ and thro’ dialogue in Love nurtures Romance. But we’re all masked and don’t bring inside outside. Nice and Ten Ms. Niv. UK Please read / rate my poems I’m just a newcomer.

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true words about the true love..heartfully and touchingly said ..the naked heart..a beautiful expression from some one seek a diffent love..enjoyed the reading

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Lalitha iyer 03 April 2009

Afterall, you have proved that naked is not always vulgar at all...............

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Catrina Heart 03 April 2009

The nakedness of one is a way to godliness, truth and honesty delivered in such nobility....Thanks!

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Aashish Ameya 03 April 2009

hmmm..profound....good one...

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