A Madman's Ballad For His Golden Rose Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

A Madman's Ballad For His Golden Rose

Oh! Oh! Oh! my Golden Rose!

That's the name I would tell

If she's wise..she'd hear a bell

My Golden Rose must've had dreamy eyes

She must have been very wise..!

She probably had long shining hair..

Was there in Jan..but now she's just not there..

She said she hailed from the 'City Of Joy'

Oh! Have you seen the ' Helen of Troy'..

With her Golden Clothes! ..My Goden Rose!

But now..she has made an act to disappear..

I scream aloud..but she can't hear..

She probably was the daughter of an Engineer

Oh! Oh! why don't you all seem to hear..

For my Golden Rose.. in her golden clothes..

She must have had crimson lips… indigo eyes

Her poetic works was my only prize..

She loved her navel..she loved her hips..

She used her illusions..in three short trips..

Perhaps she studied a bit of Economics..

See. how she laid all those bricks..

And made that wall! ..Golden Rose! ..

Nothing at all..just a wall..

I rave at it..and I wanna break it..

Simmer the passions of poems she had lit..

Oh! Oh! Won't you all come and shed a tear? .

For my Golden Rose..oh my dear!

Long ago I had nothing to write..

When she came one day in my lonely sight..

And then I wrote and wrote.

Looking at the picture of a boat..

Which was still afloat..

With my golden rose..with Cleopatra's nose!

And then when suddenly vanished away..

I asked the skies..sometime in May..

To my Golden Rose.. 'Dear..it's over a year'

Tell me please..when? what? .. how? ..and finally where?

My Golden Rose..in your Golden clothes..

She cracked like lightning and surfaced one day..

And said..that I'd not really value her stay..

So she simply decided to stayed away

My Golden Rose! With her Golden Clothes!

Now! I have so much to share..I've so much to write..

My Golden Gal is mostly out of sight

She visits my home.. when I'm away..

Oh! Babe! why just don't you stay..

My Golden Rose! With your Golden Clothes!

My Golden Rose! see her shine in her Golden Clothes!

Hazel Durham 23 September 2012

A wonderful poem so full of deep emotions and longing for your golden rose. Great write

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