A Man Just Like Me Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

A Man Just Like Me

Rating: 5.0

What is black, white, brown, yellow etc
Is it to seperate man
that lead to hate
even rape
do we have any escape
Society has always
since the beginning of time
dropp these very same lines
just to cope a dime
for the unwanted to serve
time after time
just for the thurst of blood
through votes and elections
keeping a hand on our minds
by the sword of warlords
to conquer and divide mankind
as they saw it
to one's reap
they was afraid to let us
raise to the ocassion
through literacy, love and one nation
putting cultures against one another
to no notion
being fooled by the golden rules
thinking man was going to be trick
from taking licks after licks
from that stick
only to make him smart and slick
knowing right from wrong
made man strong
to bring us today
'I had a Dream' and 'Change'
our 44th President(Barrack Obama)
a man just like me
has final came our way


fantastic right.. you command this piece.. I have one on the topic called Change..

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Ency Bearis 05 April 2009

wonderful write with strong message...nice...10

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Reshma Ramesh 05 April 2009

passionate write......from the heart great message

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Ravi A 05 April 2009

May your dream save you in the coming days. One thing I want to say- every system is man made to accomplish some elements of life. It may be a weak or strong system but everything is only a question of definition. Systems are liable for change also. Yellow, black, red...these are only names discovered by man for certain identification and bear no more importance than that. The unfortunate part is that man gives undue stress on names and forms and fight in the name of it. If we closely watch the scenario, we can see that all the quarrels are in the name of names and forms. The fault doesn't lie in the Names and Forms but in our attitude towards this concept. Material world requires certain indices for man's proper identiication and Names and Forms belong this class and nothing more than that. Let us not blame names and forms for man's improper attitude towards it. Oriental philosophy is very clear about this.

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Alf Hutchison 07 April 2009

It took a bit of time for my African brain to capture the full gist of your write... you are just going to love my African poems Zimbabwean drums and Chaka

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Chinedu Dike 01 December 2019

Brave utterances set aside for sober reflection. An insightful work of art written with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Lagos.

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 22 January 2012

Man, im speechless.i take my hat off for you brother......

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Eric Cockrell 21 January 2012

very good... you're right, they've kept us divided by ignorance for years, to their profit. but we are all just men (and women) ... all of the same family... and it's time for all of us to work together to turn the tide!

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Ramesh Rai 19 January 2012

'I had a Dream' and 'Change' our 44th President(Barrack Obama) a man just like me has final came our way Napoleon said - Dreams of man and cry of woman can do every thing. a nice poem

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true, to concur and divide mankind! ! ! ! !

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