A Million Of One Boy

Rating: 5.0

I’ll love you because I know you’ll never love me too,
But then my charm works against me and I lose my chance to be blue
As you hold me tight and kiss me oh so sweetly
And my inner masochist rebels and disposes of you oh so neatly.
Why they ever want me I doubt I’ll ever know,
I’m nothing but trouble, but I must have some special glow,
They flock to me like moths to a bare, naked flame,
With that hurt, dazed look when I don’t succumb to their claim.
Maybe one day I’ll find a boy, who can touch me in a real way,
But right now all I’ve seen is a million of one boy who can say
‘I love you’ with that earnest look, ‘its all better now, I’ll look after you’
As I watch the replay in my head, they stick to me like glue.
Oh for those who are arrogant and bold, and don’t need me
Half as much as I need them: if only they could see.
Though I hold them to me with aloofness and break them
Till they are but shadows of the boy I once craved.


Vivid emotion, you really put your message out. I'm glad I got to read this.

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GAZ illionaire 26 August 2007

Great Write Amy *****Stars: D Dont Worry There Are Good Lads Out There....Somewhere xx

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