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My Favorite Places

Rating: 5.0

I miss the cinema’s comfortable sofas
At the entrance and outside the screen rooms.
I miss sitting on them, curled into you, ‘cause
We were kids and had nowhere else to go.

I miss the bridge where you’d hold my hand,
And hear my story of when I’d wanted to jump,
Every time I went up there without you I’d feel like that.
I was a kid and didn’t know what to do.

I miss the wall outside my house,
Where we would kiss recklessly, uncaring
About the headlights, and curfew
We were kids and had no worries

Except that moment and when it would end

I miss the weir where we would sit
Cross-legged, music, awkward looks, making
Excuses to touch each other, pushing, poking.
Childish. We were kids and didn’t know how

To simply say I love you.

Bev leclair 01 May 2019

These are definitely not Amy Carmichael, the missionary poetry

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Indeed, one also misses to read more poems like this one here. What were life without its beautiful lasting memories that carry us across the daily travails?

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Greenwolfe 1962 13 June 2008

Forget the form of this piece of writing. In fact, it may be a flaw in presentation of this piece. There is no fault to be found here in the content of this writing. It is one of the very best I have read. This is not poetry. This is poetic prose. It is the highest form of prose writing. Its better than poetry. GW62

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