Self-Destruction Poem by Amy Carmichael


Rating: 4.3

I know your secret.
You told me yourself.
And those grades you attribute, to me and my help.

You work all the time, you have commitments to list,
Your lack of time for me leave me a little pissed.
I've dug you out, accepted your flaws,
Now i need YOUR help, help without that pause!
Do you find me a burden? that you hesitate so?
Well i don't need you! i have drink and Blow.

So i dig myself in and blame everyone else
And you won't understand why I do this to myself
See, i can't bear the way everyone's let me down,
Sometimes, beside you, I scream without a sound.
'When will they see? ' I ask before I Toke
They'll only ever see the surface, behind this smoke.

Suzan Gumush 19 November 2006

a good expressive poem. best wishes suzan

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Jon Lloyd 18 November 2006

Very real, very beautiful. I think there's a good few people who can relate to this... Jx

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Adryan Bates 18 November 2006

this is a great poem.... i know who that feels too... Adryan

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Melissa Patty 25 June 2015

This poem is very well written, its amazing how youve used such a strong topic to write about and you have explained in great detail ☺i enjoyed reading it ☺keep on writing xx

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Adi Cox 05 August 2009

A nicely written poem about the evils of drugs and the smoke screen you create if you toke too much, written from a very close perspective. You are inspired. This poem made me smile with its down to earth honesty. Excellent.10/10.

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Amy - Keep them coming! Honesty is a rare gift, that should always be shared! You may enjoy reading my 'True Portraits' sometime. Take care - Cheryl

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Roger Bowman 21 November 2006

Cool poemo Amy. Take care Roger

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Joshua Fegley 20 November 2006

A woeful poem Amy...I like it...

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