True Love?

Rating: 4.3

We sat and watched as couples floated by
Knew as we sat there that their love would die

I didn’t think you could just walk away,
Erase all our history, all of our past,
I thought that of all things this love would last

We thought we knew everything
We could talk without a sound,
Now look at our love, look at it shrivelled on the ground.

Is this what happens
Every time you let someone in?
Is this all that love has to bring?

We thought we were so smart,
And im sorry to say,
That we judged someone new every day

Still trapped here by my memories,
I hope some day to let you go,
Not yet, not now, I still love you, you know

Jon Lloyd 18 November 2006

Hi Amy - great poem. This is not ' all true love has to bring' but it takes different people different timescales to realise how great a loving connection can be. When you love someone, and they love you back, if things are right, you are amplified ten-fold, and, despite the previous post, loving yourself doesn't come into it. Jx.

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Adryan Bates 18 November 2006

my mom once told me when i was ten that true love was a myth. she said that i should love only myself and noone else. i didnt believe her then, but the older i get the more i think she was right. Adryan

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