Amy Carmichael Poems

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I know your secret.
You told me yourself.
And those grades you attribute, to me and my help.

My Favorite Places

I miss the cinema’s comfortable sofas
At the entrance and outside the screen rooms.
I miss sitting on them, curled into you, ‘cause
We were kids and had nowhere else to go.

My Relationship

This night is a lie ‘cause im just a pretty girl beside you
I kiss you like that and you stiffen like you know
That I don’t ever want to let you go
So I pull away quick and make amends

My Deception

I wish I didn’t love him so much
I wish I had him here to touch
I wish he wanted me a bit more
Instead of thinking im just some whore

True Love?

We sat and watched as couples floated by
Knew as we sat there that their love would die

I didn’t think you could just walk away,

The Price Of These Words

They say to write more, that this is my talent,
But they don’t know of these well-constructed lies,
Or how I sit at night, alone, cold and silent.
She can’t understand the price, no matter how she tries.

Running Scared

I'm burning all my bridges and I'm running out of time
If I'd had just one more minute I could have somehow made you mine,
But as it is, im broken and im falling to the ground,
Im weightless, empty, and nothing I say makes a sound.

A Million Of One Boy

I’ll love you because I know you’ll never love me too,
But then my charm works against me and I lose my chance to be blue
As you hold me tight and kiss me oh so sweetly
And my inner masochist rebels and disposes of you oh so neatly.

I Wanna

BOY I wanna say I love you and mean it
I wanna kiss you and never want to stop
I wanna press you up against that wall one more time
Before I have to run on home

The Price Of Popularity

No, no, no my dear you don’t understand
He wants me bad and he offers his hand
He wants to look after me and take away my pain
But im a cynic and I see what he will gain.