A Mission For Happiness Poem by Katherine Perry

A Mission For Happiness

Rating: 4.5

The human heart is on a mission for happiness
But each of us are unique and different
Bound together by our common yearning on our map's quest
And it starts and begin's as an infant

Regardless of our age or the color of our skin
We often seek happiness through pleasure
No matter when this begins or when it ends
This happiness cannot be found in a treasure

We are all under the influence of self-centered philosophies
So we often seek happiness on the path of the least resistance
And with our possessions and power, we will keep seeking indefinitely
Remaining in this questionable chaos of existance

Life may offer moments of happiness and contentment
But then you'll find they end too soon
Some will only last ever so briefly in a commitment
Then when it ends, you feel if ever in another, your doomed

These seemingly short moments of happiness are ofcourse real
But they are only'If you may' real as a shadow
For the shadow of a person can never feel
True happiness with something so shallow

The modern search for happiness seems to be governed by greed, lust,
gluttony, selfishness, exploitation and deception
Yet these diseased values become more and more the focus of modern lifestyles
So why must happiness always reveal it's own true confessions
When the happiness that we desire only last for a little while

So I am afraid we are fools to believe that we can find our
happiness in wordly pleasure and possessions
For it will never satisfy our deep yearning for happiness that is lasting and true
And we will never find all the answers to our questions
So be happy and live each day of your life brand new!

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