Our Country Tis Of Thee Poem by Katherine Perry

Our Country Tis Of Thee

Rating: 4.1

The waters of foreign lands that flood
Are now stained with our country's soldier's blood
The ones whom live come back with our flag all furled
With the embarrassment of injustice that now rules our
country's world

For now the rattles of our money trees
Shall now ring throughout eternity
Then fall upon all others to hear
Only to rest upon our loved one's fears

Before we think America's own battle will ever end
It will be upon the greedy necks of some buisnessmen
to bend

And those men that fought on land and sea
That bought us our old sweet Liberty
Will have to fight again for free
Just to come back and plant more seeds, to keep up
with our land's grown greed

For once our country's flag was suppose to be
The banner of hope for you and me
But now it spreads across foreign lands
Places where our soldiers die hand in hand

The stars represent states that are now not equal
And we refuse to ever work together as one
The stripes now represent the fighting amongst our
own people
Fighting our own battles, that will never be won

Great men gave strength to the flag
Now greedy men have then weakened it
And it's the one's left carrying the money bags
Who receive the rewards of reaping it

That old glory is no longer a symbol of love
It is the symbol of greed for our fellow buisness-
And the preachers who become wealthy from advertising
our God above
Will then reap from the hells of sin
For the Bible says it again and again

So may the flag forever fly over this great land of
And may our citizens never lose sight of the embarrass-
ment that it brings

For our country tis of thee
Of thee i sing
Is no longer sweet land of Liberty
Because of the greed it brings
Of thee i sing!

Roseann Shawiak 03 November 2014

Wow! What a passionate and patriotic poem this is. My heart goes out to the soldiers fighting wars overseas, away from family's and home - such a hard and difficult situation for them all. Your poem tells it like it is - our poor flag flies in winds of freedom yet looks down upon us bound by the greed and sins of those who prosper from other's misfortunes. A very sad state of affairs for American's - because there are those trying to steal our freedom and destroying our nation. Whatever happened to honor, dignity and respect? This is a great poem Katherine I will add it to my favorite poem list. And if you will allow it add you as a friend also. Thank you for sharing, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your poetry. RoseAnn

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 01 November 2014

nice composition- Will then reap from the hells of sin For the Bible says it again and again

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