A Modern Heterosexual Woman Strikes Back! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

A Modern Heterosexual Woman Strikes Back!

By Stanley Collymore

How could you have been so remiss, not even trying to kiss me
when quite evidently I'd expectantly, secretly, yes desperately
too, and rather earnestly, I don't for second mind admitting,
wanted you to? Alright, I readily confess I do privately
understand that you were scrupulously behaving like
the consummate and honourable gentleman which
you recognizably are and charmingly wanted to
communicate to me that you were. But even
so, you certainly, I believe, could not have
been unaware from my evident body language when I was
alone with you, how desperately keen I was for you to
do well, what a red-blooded man juxtaposed with
an equally hormonally-excited woman in his
company and fortunately for her together
with him in the right circumstances,
which we demonstrably were, is
universally envisioned to do.

So your chivalrous circumspection regarding me was wholly
unnecessary, you see. For I'm most explicitly a modern,
vibrant and deeply passionate woman in totality - not
one of those patently metropolitan, genderless and
characterless British clones for females - and
accordingly, someone who therefore clearly
understands and fully accepts her gender
role and its associated sexuality, is as a
result completely and most unapologetically at ease with both
of them, and accordingly I'll have no compunction or any
reservations whatever given half the chance of doing
so, I voluntarily confess, to pleasurably expressing
and absolutely utilizing them, if I can, with the
right man, who in this instance just happens
to be you! So having freely, unaffectedly
and forthrightly outlined my personal
and undiluted sexual remit to you,
what are you now, prospective
paramour of mine prepared
to do about it this time?

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 September 2017.

Author's Comments:
From metropolitan London right across the entire United Kingdom the troubling scourge of genderless Dykeism and Queerism calamitously blights the highly endangered landscape of normal heterosexual sexuality in every conceivable way.

A bane that societally not only in the body politic, governance and the various law and order apparatuses of our country universally among them but is also perniciously and progressively with its concertedly deployed, ruthlessly utilized and as well proselytizing mantra egregiously contaminating the UK's school environment and accordingly the minds of millions of effectively trapped, exceedingly vulnerable and unquestionably discernibly impressionable British school children.

But, for all that, this superficially successful but all the same spurious system of determinedly and damagingly coercive indoctrination that unsurprisingly, despite its noxious nature, rather incredibly, inescapably fails to register with the plethora of unthinking, mindless and Reality-TV aficionados of this sort of thing within British society, and is similarly permitted to go on unchallenged even by customarily sentient and intelligent parents of these same endangered children, fearful of voicing their logical concerns about the way in which Britain is unhappily developing societally in case they're viciously or dismissively rounded upon and fraudulently in this populously contrived and scrupulously engineered environment of hostile intolerance virulently denounced as homophobic, is to say the least a monumental travesty of everything that is either sane or commonsensical.

For how idiotic can these morons get? As that overused word strictly and etymologically means absolutely nothing and shouldn't even exist. For the genesis of its two salient parts: homo and phobia, both of them of Latin and Greek origin, and with identical meanings in both these languages, are distinctly from an etymological, erudite and learned perspective unambiguously clear; with homo representing humanity or basically mankind and phobia unarguably an "irrational fear". So how is it conceivable then for anybody acknowledging himself or herself be a human being to then rather ridiculously accuse another human being of, in essence, sexually entertaining and furthermore intentionally proselytizing "an irrational fear" of someone of their own species, namely another human being? That would equally be as ridiculous as some similar idiots accusing a Black person of being Blackphobic or a white individual as Whitephobic because either of these two given examples dared to criticize the sexually deviant conduct of members of their own specific race.

It just doesn't add up or carries any logical discernment as regards anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head, and what's more is totally bereft of all common sense. But that said, who could ever realistically accuse these proselytizing Dykes and Queers of ever possessing any such thing? And while it's undoubtedly an uphill battle for all genuine heterosexuals out there, of the two natural, conventional and now much disparaged genders, across the length and breadth of Britain, all I shall say is keep your cool, stick to either your religious or moral principles on this specific and its related issues, in the full knowledge that like an obnoxious and all pervasive stench from a malfunctioning sewerage works it'll unproductively go away. For who ever heard of two Dykes, whatever powerful positions they societally hold, or two Queers, for that matter, ever likely through their joint sexual deviances physically adding in numerical terms to the human race and its arithmetical progression? And on that note M'lord I rest my case.

A most sincere and an appreciatively commendable tribute, this article and poem of the same name, to my female, of course, German Partner and all the preceding and heterosexual ladies globally who've been in my life at one time or another.

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