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A Mothers Love

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A mothers love is everlasting, forever
A mother and her child will always be together
A mothers love for her child through the smiles and the tears
Will stay strong for years and years
A mothers love will never die
Even if sometimes her child makes her cry
A mother can really reach up high, and touch the sky
When next to her is her child
A mothers love will reach beyond the grave
When a mother is with her child she will always be brave

Two children or one, daughter or son
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Cecelia Warner 25 April 2007

Thank you Natasha for allowing people to read your poem. That was beautiful. I also am a mother and even though sometimes I have problems with my kids...well bottom line...you are right (I love them) . That was also comforting for me to read your poem because my mom passed away a few weeks ago and we weren't on the best of terms....anyway, I hope that poem was how she felt too. THANK YOU NATASHA!

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John Beene 01 May 2018

I just buried my mother today and I have never ever had this kind of pain Your poem has touched my heart today thank you

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Yonela Mali 20 March 2008

no love can compare to a mothers love! lovely, just beautiful

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Scott Austin 20 March 2008

This is a very touching piece that I know was written from your heart. Thank you for sharing it with us. May peace and joy fill your heart each and everyday. Scott

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 06 March 2008

a mother is what got us here.............

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Of all the God's creation, the best one is the Mothe. This is wonderfully brought out in this poem.

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