A Mothers Love Poem by J.B. LeBuert

A Mothers Love

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As boys do play out in the rain
And never mind the wet
Their mother's worry of the chance
The colds that they might get

As little girls pose before the mirror
And plan their future days
Their mother's wonder of the chance
That she'll be happy, in all ways

Sometimes we do forget
That mother's prayers have been said
To protect us on our way, and yet
We do feel safe when in her bed

A mother's love is best of all
Stronger than the rest
She watches and awaits our call
Her devotion oft, put to the test

Never wavering, never gone
Always there where it belongs
On our side when lines are drawn
Always there to right our wrongs

A mother's love, above the rest
Her devotion oft, put to the test

Adeline Foster 25 February 2012

Lovely thoughts in this one and a great credit to your own mother. Have you read mine - Mother's Chair -? You do boost my ego. Adeline

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 24 February 2012

The love of the mother can be understood, once the girls become the mothers and neglected by their own children, then they realize how great their mothers were! ! ! We always think that we could have done this to our parents, relatives and friends, but we always forget to do something now to regret later. Great poem. I like it..

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J.B. LeBuert

J.B. LeBuert

Kenmore, New York
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