(a) Neo-Poetic Zodiac: post-Contemporary Mini-Notebook (Ad 2014 To Ad 4014) Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

(a) Neo-Poetic Zodiac: post-Contemporary Mini-Notebook (Ad 2014 To Ad 4014)

just notes about poetry: .

not poetry poetry
not poet poet
not poem poem
no poetry poetry
no poem poem
life of poetry


theorectical-experimental detailed: poetry: ? ? ? ? +
walking on main road in mega-city with multiple-turnings, multiple-roads, multiple-exists and multiple-realities blooming in darkness, light, AI-generated simulated events and knowledged productnio and electro-magnetic waves and particles and vibrations.
[from nyein way's from '' dates(fruits/time) in yellow sky''(2014) ]
''process of poetry is detailed-analytical mindscapimg act of vibrations, signd, symbols, indexes, semantics, semiotcs, biosemiotics, conceptual proliferation, faceted reality, surreality, dreams, plans, no-map maps, psychogeological map of uncertsinty,
chaotic notes,
fragments, frogments,
intellectualism/anti-intellectualism/collaboration/interoperation/forum poetry culture/
poetics on streets and poem-poetics.''

''perfection is willngness to be imperfect.''
(taoism: Lautzou)

all are metaphor
poem of long notes which time is
composed or decomposed or curved or constructed.
theorectical-experimental hub of poetic-poem
type of reality:
reality in mind
language, mind, action
accepting difference attitude in society and community of poetry making world
society in mind
mind in society
trannscendal concepts in society/metaphysical philosophy/science/theology

nights on sands
opaque hueristics:
on little bamboo bridge.
on that little bamboo bridge,
we walk.we dance.we sing.we were born feer.We help one another.We construct reality.we explore new poetry.we construct new poem.we deconstrcut new poetry.we collage.we elaborate.we collaborate.we scope widest scene of anthropological reality.webquestino.We forum poetics.we install poetry.We build nestwork and network.we perceive.we conceive.we know.we don't know..we throw.we grow up together.on that little bamboo bridge outside the solar system, outside the trajetory of solar system.we are unknwon, undefined.unexolored, inhabited and recordless new planet outside the solar system's orbit.
on the littel bamboo bridge we exist.but we don't even notice and know who built this little bamboo bridge over absurd water with yellwo lotus flowers

''there are eight billion ways of reaching towards realities in mement of beings and becomings.''

poetisc of semantic layers of humanity
poetics of traumatic layers of humanity
poetics of sematic layers of humanity
poetics of semiotic layers of humanity
poetcsi of biosemiotic layes of humanity
poetics of two parellel truths overlapped realitesi
life of poetry is layers by layers understanding upon construstive-deconstructrustic-reconstructive zone.live in it.nowness.history of nowness.
''comparison is the death of
(mark twian)

criticism on kant's paralogism(illogical reasoning)
and logical reasoning on life in social realities
eqilibrium of matter and mind? ? ?
poetry of process theory
poetry of procedural skill theory
poetry of declarative skill theory
poetry of possibility
[[[Jeff Koons' iconic work work'' three basketball: total equilibriuum tank'', which three basketballs were aired and put in the fish tank to show equilibriuum of physique in the water.
sociological, philosophcail and scientific exploration upon garvity, possibility, infinity, flosting metaphor, being in chaotic world and eternity) .
Banksy's artworks.
duchamp's artwork ''fountain''
john cage's 3' 44'' silence music.]]].

subconscious signs on acts of body(biosemuotic hapoenings with awareness skill)

not -knowing events
(accidental happenence)
surreality-reality voyage
surrealism voyage
freuduan-jungian-lacanian mind voyage towards language, signs, symbols, images, deeo images, self, ego, collective identity, floating signd
struvturalism-poststrctursliusm voyage
perceptual realityin state if mind
perceptional knowledge in state of mind
act of mind
(knowing perceptual objects eithorv in society orb at mind door)

butterflies on doorlock:
.uncertain step of futureness
poetry is now is experimental and theoretical.poetrybis standing in the midlde of ladder with multi-directonal and multidimensional vibrations of realities as they are.whether poetry is up the kadder or down the ladder? uncerainty.the disquiet.the discontimuant.

tunnel vsiion of night and moon:

''an airballons on the dream of night-vibes dance multi-leaves' choreographic zenith of vibrated paints of darkness tour.''

(from nyein way's poem
''silence's sounds'': 1987)

''we have art so that we might not die of reality.''

buddhist literature's texts on mind
state of mind
act of mind
symtons of mind

signs of sensation on body because of mind-act(depth of mental stream)
conventional truths
contemporary poetry
postcontemprary poetry
conceptual-postconceptusurrealal voyage of poetry

(nakampathi-nyein way's book...နကမ္ပတိ)

''poems staggering gaps in life, truth, humanity, posthumanity and the concept of mindfulness and knowingness in process of poetry.''
(from nyein way's poem '' labyriths and gap-knowingness'': 2003)

###Studies of different kinds of poems in the world of poetry for wisdom with metta-loving care for insightful poetics-poetry duality and triology of stillness-silence-and-harmony in home of mind-body stadium linking with society and community research###
poetry, not poetry poetry, not word word and not culture culture
objective reality linking to poetry of all eras
poetry and life and nature and pure thinking are alchemized and interoperated and transcendalized into uncertain multi-possibilities of reality.
metaphysical reality.transcendental reality in matter and mind
social realities are at the same time focused in society in language of mind and society of mind.society being in outside of mind.
reality is linked and made both inside mind and outside of mind.
poetry as syllabus of life-long-learning education(3L)
perception-conception mind -act nest

***Special Thanks and poetic words of gratitude to my family, all my brothers and sisters and friends, all living beings the world and mother earth we all live in! ! ! ! !

mending fans, bending reality of vibrations:

climbing ladders of electric wavelengths. electromagnetive wave-particles of uncertain meaning into infinite immeasurality of openning zone of proximal learning molucular machine age.s mango on mirror of life and death toast in cinema of postcontemporary dream-curtains.
be calm.whatever.life is combination of the calmest stillness and of the beyond zone in reality-mediated. vision of quiet mind

invention of humour:
ordinary human's natural achievement of poetic instinct
everybody can be a poet artist.
life is questioned and answered
in open zone of paddy field and lotus pond under moonlit night.

''beautful nature never worries about its reputation.''
(from nyein way 's poem ''Zenith of Paddy and lotus'': 1987)

poetry of infinity as possible impossibility or impossible possibility for humanity-posthumanity field of 21 st century theorectical-experimental poetry has been resesrched and explored and observed with love of poetry of all genres from all literary eras in the world.
poetry is experimental and process art in making poem of contemprary-postcontemporary world of text, image and media, multimedia, and multi-disciplinary waves and big data.


''poetry contains multitude of ordinaries, and silence in wisdom, and ocean's breath.''
(from nyein way's poem '' flat chaos.': 1987)

#####[from poems in all over the world,
one reader can discover that nothingness/emptiness/emptiness/somethingness/human values/technological culture/beauty in all conceptual proliferation and tradinational and tradition of poems have been appreciated and valued.pure poetry is beautiful in its own alternative way.]

post-production studio of contemporary-postconceptual-postcontemporary poetry
(data-sketches into zone of dreams and reality and feasibility and experiencing entity)

''I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry as I need it.''
(john cage)

''All i know is I know nothing''(Socrete)

poetry is spiritual food.
(joy harjo)

vagely knowing, slipperily we are growing old and aging when looking at time.

''silence and stillness in heart is the best medicine.''
(anonymous poet) .

''perfection is willingness to be imperfect.''.
(tsoism: Lsotzu)

open your lines of auto-driving mind:
reality.unreality.jumpstart for catching moments of ungraspable vibrations of body-mind linkahes the marginalized sounds of born free wilderness in echos of questionable hybernation of recollected memories in cvaed trust unbelievable eastern mind of ancient wisdom like a tree growing up in the forest of inhabited land of nature's reality human reality is electrified river inside the flow of mental games outside the flow of skin games psycho-biological impermanence of natural-cultural-genetic happening in anthropologiacllity of fictional mind.
stops.mindful meditations.awareness.know.
only knowing.just knowing.
balanced.equilibrium of mind.
trees are tall but we don't know how they grow tall exactly.
uncertainty is life.
poetry as healing power of mind by expressing things inside in psychological outlet way unedited.
reality moves and stops and drops in realism's gap of interventional events of human and posthuman truth condition.
be calm.smile likeba rabbit in green field.
life is a forest in wisdom-concept.

forms.formation- mobilities.
solid thoughts.
solitude and solidarity of poetry across time.
''poetry of emptiness.nothingness.somethingness.the present tense.that's all.uncertainty. nothing is certain.why''I''''? ?
[nyein way 's ''more than I know map''(2013) ]

nose on cracked mountain ranges:
laughing cigars on lanes of puppets' cities light voices darkest voces hope and metta on breasts of tall ancient trees birthdays of delusive golden years who is moving and simulating mired stories on board games of homes lost and found poetics of nowness in the future tense time machine is reversed utensils of essentialist's dreamers on pious mountaineers lying on plains surrounded by ripe paddy fiels in yellow swings.
the doors
life is an arrow of vibrated bones.cloud of leaves.

#####(((all notes are only and solely concerned with poetry practice..poetry..many kinds of poetry..collecting collected litems..for educational purpose.)))))

From ''Alphabets Of Himalayyas Forest''
(nyein way,2014)

fiction of imagination.imagination of fictional characters.autofictionality of nature of illusive-delusive act of mind
postmodern fantasy
fantasy of magical logic
open world of magical reality
layers of beungs in fantasy of postmodern methods as parody or irony or paradox to stimulate creative potentiality to proximal poetics of imagination
unreal.imposible events of fictional poetry by fantasy based on elementary narratives like angels.sci-fi fictioanl stories and uncertain scientific ideas
uncertainties of varied imsgined images by skills of creatuve power simulations
animal feebles
folk lores
metanarratives in ordinary life circles
studies of mythology
Roland Barthe mythologies everyday's life as non-fictional
non-fiction fiction poetics

''poems are irrelevant to outside world, living in its own world.''
''poems are voyages of poetic tunnels''
''humans! silence is poetry.no noises.no voices.no talks.(poem's say) .''
''poem's conversation of multi-dimensionality.'
(silence of the poetry.)

the walls:
(bracked questions)
poetry of opaque heuristics
butterfly fragment frogment of iced-mind traps. in fluxus of flight of text in forest of poem in poetry of wisdom
respect.great respect because respect itself is direction of greatness in humanity of freedom and responsibility in existential-evolutionary-.
algebraic-conceptual-postconceptual flow of values and valuelessness into forest oof poem in reality of wisdom tour.eyes of oceans are ears og ocean.oceans are oceans but oceans are the other dreams of impossible universities incoperated and emerged and penetrated drakness-opaqueeness-vagueness-evolution-revolution-and-absorbed adsorption of analytical wind of change in stillness inside solid and solitary concept-effectiveness life-scratches or scratches of life in motion of wisdom in depth and on surface poetry.the cage the bird the song maya angelou
thank you is not a word but a life.there are a thousand years of saying thank yous.repetition and difference.
taoist way of openning mind.lauzou is possibility of imposibility in impossible honesty in complexities of existence for every honest and in-silence oneness intac.
the multiverse poetics of nowness.
no high-lowconcept
no easy-difficult position but only degrees of easiness and degrees of difficulty to catch reality of being in poetry.some poems are difficult.some poems are not but sky of meaning and understanrding is for everyone.
it's democratic process through poetry-poem-poetic relationship.
mutual respect for humanity-posthumanity poetics.

the opaque transparence
dream of no imagination.how? .life as opaqueness of light.family as open family of poetic radiation out of disentangledment.question of knowthyself? .live for today.don't talk to poem.youth of poetry club is openning soon.under pressure is grace of poetry in the darkest light radiance.childish maturity of transgressive nothingness and emptiness in liberal thinkimg of the realistic disobesessed.mother earth.truth cannot be sidelined with lies.lies can be wrongly constructed into emptiness of reality realm of poetic truths.poetic singularity is born with self-realized acts of learned-informed data of essentialisy's concept house, not minimalist's idea and not reductionist's idea.how? .learning essentiality of life and humanness and truthberg has been observed and researched in systematic observation data not only from body-mind faculty but also from environmental neighbourhood of anthropocenic breaths.homosapien's auto-fictional acts of mind-trapped set-up of delusivebess on nowness attached and illusiveness on futureness imagined.dream productions limited of poetic liberation is called multi/voiced and multi-logic happenings of uncertain anthrocerntri-logocentric-topography-centric human-posthuman emotional identity of uncertainty principles.quantumic realities are no names-detached but total understamding on poetry of nowness inclusive of futureness and pastness is theorectical layers of difficult forest in wisdom of poetic postcontemporaneity.it is real.it is not real.it is now.it is not now.ir is future.it is not future.
ouroboros of invisible waves and particles of imaginatives-creatives in mind-cinema hall.
poetry of the disentangledment in multi-verses or multicultural life of humanness.no one intended and exposed in poetics and poetry of the disposessed and the disobesessed and the disquiet and the discontinyant.open opaqueness of meaninful emptiness.welcome home, reality.
nothing is permanence.
mire-dness of happenings.
intentional fallacy because unexpected happenance of mind-acts, auto-nomenonal intrusion.
just simulacra and simulacrum.


yellow padunk flowers on head.....on myanmar ne w year days..april poem:
subtlity and anachronicity exclusive but having universality of being and becoming fluxus of natural-cultural happening
a universal poetry? ? ? .....

poetry art of renunciatedness: +:
beyond reproduction.beyond appropriation.beyond hybridity.beyond collection emerged.beyond selectedness.beyond contemporary-postmodern poetry.beyond poetry poetry.newness of poetry. beyond freudian and lacanian zone.beyond image zone.beyond AI.beyond beyondness.

there can/must both be and cannot/mustnot be new poetry of the 21st century new world process art of poetry-poem-poetics triological syllabus of fluxus consciousness-subconsciousness noumenon..decision making on every moment of writing fonts

A Theorectical poet-poem's noteworks
[ ''Poetry is forest in wisdom.''
from Nyein Way's poem ''waves' and vibrations'' (1987) the ]
.., ......................

method of presentation

(fragmentation/surrealism/reality/contemporary/postcontemporaey/conceptual/postconceptual/issues-based.dream into reality aspired aytitude in poetics..etc)


(methods/techniques/theories/approach/muli-forms/multi-voices/multi-logic/paradox of human conditions/edge of irony/parodial text/poetics of mire-methos)


(language/texts/signs/symbols/codes/digital language/digital picture/lines/colours/objects/...etc)
(4: DD)
unexpected happenings in body-mind continuum
chance operation
subconscious-conscious acts of mind in sprouting chance
(5: EE) anthropeotic, anthropocentric, anthropocenic and autopoetic happenings out of human -post-human conditions as poetic -atmospheric techniques
(6: FF) digital nestworks and digital networks as poetic phenomena
(7: GG) culture of change in moment to moment breathings of linguistic-psychological-anthropocentric-anthropocenic-sociological-digital life as fluxus -meaning of text, signs, symbols and indexes in poems
fruit of thinking
fruit of suffering
new insight on seeing truth and beauty(both environtal change and inner touches-transformations of mind

the arts=poetry/prose poem/theatre/art/painting/cinema/performance art/inter-media art/interdisciplinary writing/performance writing....etc) .==

culture and environmental consciousness

ways of life
life style
way of thinking
conventional truths
language useages
anthropocenic acts
waiting for ma-time in japanese wrestling match as poetics of chance-time in making poem, which map of no map maping poetry-driving autovehicle.

key to multi-poetic poem of the post-contemporary mini-notebook:
find the key word for one's life door due to one's intuitive choice
and spiritual choice of unknown force while reading this mini-notebook.
trans-arts- and -culture methology
and critical pedagogy
museums of language and acts
theatre of cruelity
double theatre of human-posthuman truth condition
the duel sequence of time
anachronisms and actualities and goingbback to poems from all eras(how? and memory voyage)

key points are digit numbers, appearing unserially and bouncing and chaotically inmind-body 's totality of unseen-unknown reality.'
[from Nyein Way's ''Digit Reality'' (2000) ]
poetry is what is done, but then how it's done.it's a process or map of wisdom with multiple techniques of delusives and reality-research task both under specific-limited time-space and into possibilities of kantian concepts and pure thinking and law of nature beyond finite time-space:
methods, theories, thoughts and reality in issues-focused poems are contemporary-postcontemporary poetry of nowness and futurity of being, becoming and human condition of the disquiet and the discontinuant uncertainties-complexities duality of deaking life.
infinity of beings? ?
eternity of Jeff Kohn's playingballs installation in air in the fish-tank in gallery of human arts and culture.
mental construction process? life? truth? human conditions?
mireness in poetry? ? ?
it is like being in life and death situation in zone of paradoxical events in human and post human truth condition.
uncertainties are bouncing-sprouting realities of complexities but in a very little --simple life as a human beimg.
it's an anthropocenic infinity of chaotic relief poetics of humanity-posthumsnity poem of the postcontemporary breath.
live in the present with the future tense and the future perfect tense together with compassion and metta-loving care under the moving reality of tectonic shifts in our mother earth.

the door:
-ends-stops zone
in truth-posttruth condition.
life studies, autobiographies, transgresiveness and transcendal truths of pure poetic thinking
biographies and studies of history and anthropology as poetry of techniques
earnst bloch's negative dialectic
negative space concept for poetry of space in visual poem

poetics of iconographic method
no-filter poetice-poetry process art
poetics of compression in digital poetry art
poetics of decompression in digital poetry art
gertrude steinian method
wittgensteinian method
john cageam method
james joycean methos
samuel beckettian method
andre bretonian method
differential methods
methods of deconstruction in linguistic and in social construction
layering realities of poetic techniques
layer by layer method of presentation
message-orienented method of media-medium mindscapingness
collecting method
imitating reality of beingness method
method of constructive reality
many methods of theory of left-overs in diversified threads of life formations lasering through life forms in a subkective-talented -poetic ways
justaposition method
not self

poetic method of nuded texts(forcefully-expressive flow of subconsciousness in fruedian-lacanian selfhood)
planless plot asthetics
causelessness methof(mind-sprouts or habitualized skill-based contents of contextual nowness
lamguage of emptiness and nothingness as method of contents
language of uncertainty
somethingness as method of contents
contents analysis method
stillness as method of content
radical method
biased perceptualist's method
conceptualist's emotion machanisticz-digital method
individual psychological survey
collective consciousness
society of spectacles
agsinst-expression techniques of unboring boredom and uncreative manifestobas method of conceptual poetics
interoperstiveness of texts-symbols-images in mind-media art and mind-medium art of concept as technique to poetic truthberg
history of signification
invisiblity of chance operation
open-ended discours
listings method
filing method
digital mestworking
digital networking
interactive media method
electic idea-mapping of surrealism-modernism-postmodernism zooming acts
cinematique mindscapingness
novelaque meltingness
form of melting pot of cultural understanding as technique-logic

community's collective unconsciousness/subconsciousness

(reductionism.essentislism.performative.conceptuslism.post-conceptualidm.contemporary concepts.emotion and passion.comprssionism and decomprssionism.absurdism.marginalism.surrealism.conscious-unconscious zone of mind.mind-media-medium.)

the end of philosophy.the ends of art.the end os ideolgyo.

the post-literate poetry(with lines, shapes, colours...)
personal voyage(subjectivity or singularity)
beyondness of time-space limits
horrors as technique
war and peace mood inind
youth concept across time as technique
future as spectculative tactics
habitualized writings as skills
seeing oneself as being a little man in the darkest light of salient and resilience method
as ironic poetics in paradox of life poem
mired method of reality takes
poetics as revelationalist's technique
documentary poems
non-fiction fiction as poetics of real-unreal puzzles

puzzles of leaves:

why the se leaves fall
very earlier than they should

(3.14.PI) :
''Poetry is always experimental and theorectical beyond and out of pure thought. ''
[from Nyein Way's poem ''Eastern Head''(2000) ]
(((mind and transworld/transacademia and wisdom and knowledge rectangularity of beingness in conceptual poetics)))

Voyage of the 21st century's new poetics+(........)
third mind
fourth mind
the sixth dimension
dialogic of reality
dualogic of imagination
multi-voices of poetry
fragmentational reality
frogment and friction of textual meaning
tension between concept and textuality of semantics-semiotics zone in contemporary-postcontemporary poetry
experimental poem as theorectical poetry- poem-poetics triology
conceptual poetics
post-conceptual poetics
postmodern poetics
contemoorary poetics
post-contemporary poetics
irony.parody.simile.metaphor.images.open secret processs.procedure.mire-method.collage.assemblage.carnivalesque.cannibalaques.paraphrasing.defining.alliteration.repetition.difference.mind-media-technique.paradox.reversed meaning system.simple but complex.flow of text.flight of text.surrealism.ways of reaching themes.defamiliarization.refamiliarization.forum technique of question and answer.subverdiveness on ordinary things of event.critical discourse.
pure poetry's critical thinking
and its aesthetic thinking
individualistic art of freedom and responsibilities
traditional poetics's aspects in postcontemporary poetry.


some questions are raised in life by oneself every time they breathe.
because they are your taska to be solved by wisdom and loving care.

imagination and reality.
And others:
imagination.pure imagination.newest imagination.imagination of mind.
free state of mind.imagination out of conflicted mind.future of imagination.
life studies.
poetic aspirations.
mood.mode of writing.
telling beads of mind..
possibilities of multi-universes.
honesty in thought-elaborations.
kantian concepts beyond pure thoughts of space-time reality
kantian concept of transcendal logic and transcendal aesthetics beyond time-space finitity into infinity of possibilities in every corner of light and darkness or the darkest light of life energy
resilience of texts interoperating with law of nature(lotus blooming and textual caniverlaques) as possibility of chemistry between text aesthetics and law of evological systems
weather condition, global warming and geological moves of mother earth affecting geopsycholoical thinking of human beings living on this earth
tectonic grammar of truthberg
conceptual proliferation events as unified diversity of beauty-concept in evolutionary-revolutionary integration-interoperation of life event analysis
mood of finished project in mind-act zone
hub of poetry with compassion and metta for integration, collaboration and interoperation of mini-thought-lists:
pure thinking of poetic world has been going through from body-mind vibrations to connectband act to touch metaphisical existentialitu of transcendal links of propositional realities about spave-time-beyondness aesthetics of living beings and law of nature to understand, realize and neo-aestheticize effectively upon infinity of multi-universe.
experimental-theorectical poet is like a contemporary physicist who has been alwaysbecperimental and theorectical.
poetry as ramnants of life, epidemic, apocalyse, catalyse and death as texts, indexes, signs, symbols and floating images in all medium and all media of mind-body faculty and social-discoursal-contextual world of survivals
psycho-geographical poetry
psycho-historical poetry
geo-political poetry
tectonic poetry of syntactical distortion
dark poetry of vision in camera room of dark film development into clear photo vision kind of life situation in truth-berg moving reality
pendulum and happenings of poetics in all eras
ecological awareness of poem
natural awareness of poem
poem-reader interconnectedness
mutual poetic build-ups upon meanings while reading poem from shared knowkedge of life and social context and intellectual context from readers' repertoirsbof knowledge
consciuosness-subconsciousness in poetry ofbthe absurdity in conflicted mindbof poets
darkest light appearing in poem of the nighted white
basic details of sound analysis
basic details of words analysis
basic details of syntax analysis
basic details of stanza analysis
analysis as poetry of appreciative values for making poem of intellect
auto-analytical skill in poetry making act
mythologicality of realustic delusion in poem of vagueness and poetry of opageness like sculpture of mountain and man in snowy evening
life as poem unsaid but
felt -consciuosness
breaths of texts
flight of texts
rhyzomic acts of texts
total silence as existentiality of depth of textual life (a specific tunnel vision of poet's depth-psychology, not religion)
concept of silence as surrounded noices (John Cage)
revelation of texts as interacting contextual identities across borders of depth of textual understanding through crossing boder aesthetics ofulti-dimensional perspectives of life and texts, images, signs, symbols and medium-media zooning act
floating signs
archeology of poem
geneaology of poem
genetic engineering pf poem
genetic edition of poem
human site of poem
archeological site-specificiciry of poem buries in the past as life event
oneness of eythm, harmony and conceptual diversity in alternative insight of poetry as ethereal-fluidity-flowing reality of fluxus -meaning

not-poetry poetry

to be and not to be(poetics of uncertainties) :
this is the forum poetry of innovative poem, which is testing boundary of established-embodied poetics of certainty
kitch as poem? ? ? ?
utopia as poem? ? ? ?
anti-realism as poetics of free future magination
negation of meta-narratives as deconstructive texts of poetic lincense
distorted syntax as poetic texts
constellation of chaotic- prosaic texts
idiosycratic texts
synegy of texts
tempo of texts
musicological nature of texts
mettalurgicality of textual composition and textual decoposition
seperation of texts

exceptional eyes:

let's walk on water of ocean.nothingbis imposible.
believe in nothigness-emptiness-dlsomethingness triology of poetic singukarity.

experimental poetry with established contemporary philosophy and psychology
inclusivity of locality
personal experiences as impersonatory reflection on life condition
meaningful values of moving truths in crisis of reality
the definination of foreign land
childhood experiences as memory of innovative poetics
surrogates of poem
(in pali language)
24-machinaries of cause and effect(Pahtana Texts in Htayrawada Buddhism) , not as a religion but as a scientific action-reaction waves-particles physics in mind-body machine
synchronicities of events
derridarian concept of difference and repetition in texts
deconstructive designs and forms in poem of visuality
the discontinuant
the disquiet
emerging poetics
diversity in unity.
dlsolaced atmosphere
embodied poetics
vipassana medutation
antirealism.phlegmatic iron and anachronism
actualization in textual layers of poetry
reversed meaning systems
alternative reality in poetry making systems
conversational lost in interpretation
bracketed reality for poems sometimes happens.
(the point that interpretational fallacies duevto shared knowledge
human understanding and poetic understanding of poets and literary experts and critic are different.)
poetics of socio- linguistic left-overs

violet fields:

truthdug channels on spiritual reality foods a boy is a boy a tree is a tree a car is a car no filter no metaphor no autofictionality of mind act at mind door.

just poetry
just simple
just complex
biology of poem
chemistry of poem
physics of poem
zoology of poem
botany of poem
mathematics of poem
cosmic rays of poem
cosmology of poem
cult of poem
spiritualitybof poem
reality of poem
fluxus of poem
poetics of the wounded
poetics of the traumatic
poetics of exposition and explanation
poetics of forum for democratic humanity in age of AI-generated works of art in 21st century
fluxus-reality-actuality event of poem
21st century cultural order and setting
logo -based poetics of marginality
post-war poetics of remembrance
ethnicity-oriented poetics
identity-based poetics
eyes of ocean's poetics of language of water
introspective poetics of one's mind
extroberted poetics of one's mind
instituitional poetics of established names
poetics of valuelessness and standardlessness
poetics of distilled-experienced wisdom
.poetics of opaqueness.
poeticsbof moon
poetics of sun
poetics of galaxies.
poetics of starlets
poetics of being in action
poetics of becoming in action
poetics of freedom
(eric fromm's book ''escape from freedom'')
poetics of perceptional reality
poetics of conceptual reality
poetics of emotuonal reality
poetics of fluxus reality
poetics of social reality
poetics of shopping on line
poetics of suoermarkets
poetics of mini-mall
poetics ofbforest
poetics of river
poetics of sea
poetics of ocean
poetics of language
poetics of multi-culturalism
poetics of colours
poetics of psychogeography
poetics of meditation resarche
poetice of life studies
poetucs of universities

all reality ends with event ''knowingness'', knocking and touching at mind-door all over the body-mind faculty of poem-zone
poetics of knowing
poetics of mindfulness

(C) symmetry of poem
assymetey of poem
boundaries of poem
categorial boundary of poem
chance operation by John Cage
concept of silenceby John Cage
third soace as textual life of poetry
action poetry
theorectical poetry
form poem
visual poem
concrete poem
concept-based poem
emotion-based poem
multi-levelled reality poem
post-enlightened poem
apoetic poems
auto-poetic poem
auto-fictional poem
flash poem
dictionary poem
anti-poem poetry
language poem
neo-modern poem

(E) substaintnable development in poetry
mutual respect in humanity aspects
deconstruction on textuality and on materiality
plato's cave on reality variation
life, death and after death stories
science and nature
quantumic uncertainties
interdisciplinary existence of poetry with otherbart forms
voyage of reality
phenomenologylical beings
phenomenal poems
phenomenon-noumenon eevents
nodes onbtextual skins
demystification of texts
miracles in imagination of texts vibes
conceptual-postconceptual notes on poetry
manifestos of poetries
furutrist manifesto
postfuturist manifesto
orientalist's texts
socrate, plato and aristotle(SPA) ideas on poetry
quotidian life styles in deviatedt beings in the present tense
simplification of the difficult texts.identity loss
identity confluct
no identity identity
no culture culture
category-based thinking on poetry life
thank-you attitude on elaborative discussion of forum poetics
insightful events in mind
indexes, signs, symbols and presentation ways
representation system in poetry, the arts and culture
contemporary and post-contemporay poetry in multi-fimensional reality voyages, reflection on time, space and concepts of being and becoming and cessation of concepts and liberation of concepts
detailed description of complex systems in chsos and disparities in existential-postexistential reconsiderations on poetics of nowness as creative-decreative-uncreative-and-naturality-universality realms of human creative potentiality and human learning machanisms

mutual understanding degree
misunderstanding events
negitiated meaning events
positive thinking web
nestworks in poems
networked poetics
interconnectedness and interoperativeness in poetics of the future of imagination
apocalytic writing.postapocalytic writing

beyondness in pietry
revelation of poetry
prosaic births of poetry
sectorian thinking web
logical fallacies
philosophical fallacies
parodial text life
mired text life
ironic representation
paradox of life andbhuman condition
belief systems
spiritual energy
humanistic education
humanistic psychology
post-humanistiv psychology in machine age
space technology
time machine
poetry as education
poetry as value-added device
poetry as propaganda tool
new concepts of design and forms
dialogic of imagination as form
known unknowns
unknown knowns
inside outs.outside ins
energetic creativity
uncreative energy
ways of presentation styles
philosophical touches
end of arend of philosophy
end of poetry
competing onself inside one's mind to know oneself
respect and appreciation culture
catogorial thinking
category of things
question &amswer forum poetics
institutional culture
anti-instituitional culture
unexplainable absurdity of life events
enlightedment project
language of multi-dimensional realities
love of environment
lovebof humsnitu.
technological interoperativeness with texts
daily breaths.
daily poetic inspiration
desire machine
emotion machine
ethical mschine
digital purity.
sex.language and hypertext
closed doors as poetry
open opageness as poetry
night as poetry
time-defined poetry
space-defined poetry
concept-defined poetry
conceptual poetry wave and particles
post-conceptual poetry waves and particles
contemporary poetry waves and particles
traditional poetry waves and particled
tramslational poetry waves and particles
modern poetry waves and particles

schrodinger's beauty:

''found text on dumpster:
empty when full.''

beyond text interoretation
beyond coding system
beyond decoding system
post-modern poetry waves amd particles
political poetry waves and particles
live for nowness zen/tao poetry waves and particles
poet of no identity waves and particles poems of intellect-ehhective-expressive subjectivity phenomenon_noumenon realm
harmony-hybridity-vollage reality in moving-changing reality
as dls-silence silence culture
wisdom tour onbreality
human condition.posthuman condition
reception history
hi-story ad narrative history
impossible possibility
possible impossibility.
honesty as impossible honesty
copy and paste method.
dialogic of imaginatio
new beaury as conceptual diversity and technological evolution and cultural diversity
through wisdom-oriented attitude
the end the new beginning as orbit of cosmic reality voyage
characteristics of poem
function of poem.
manifestation of poem
immediate cause to write poem
just writing poem for poem's sake
discourse of poem
discursiveness of poem
dehabirualization of poem
freudian psychology
existential psychology
buddhist's psychology
zen-taoism psychology
kant's concepts
Niesztche's concepts
Deluez's concepts
Zizek's concepts
eric fromm's concept of freedom
john dewey
robert putnan's values
william james
seeing is believing:
experiential code-decode system.meaning is no meanign.no meaning is meaning.haiku=afgecedt poem.

contemporary philosophy and psychology
man and environmental issues
social issues
global-international issues
electic methods
liberal thinking.web
internet culture
robotic culture
AI culture
truth culture
multi-cultural condition
conditional and conventional truths
the day after tomorrowness
the concept''everything can be poetry with mature poet's wit and skills and experienced wisdom of poetics''
architecture of poem:

mind: mind-media act, perceptual reality, conceptual reality, postconceptual analysis
trans: trans-world theories/intersubjectivity/inter-academic subject
wisdom: decision making like a pointed sword
knowledge: skills/embodied facts/data analysis/poetic devices/method/approach/theories/genre of poems..etc
body-mind faculty of poem in operative writing
impossibly- balanced approach to creative potentiality in time of chaotic hsppenings
temporariness and contemporaneity in beingness and becomingness of poem
poetic lincense in 21st century forbfreedom of art making (durational freedom of intellect-expressive-conceptuality life formation and form of poetry)
contingent or involuntary participation of poetic chance machine
intuition and truth and method in new aesthetic simulacra even in society of spectacles
local legendary events
accepting, evolving and revolving concepts and mental behaviours due to self-reflexive findings about realities in faceted situations of complications
delivering new concepts of building poetry forums
anslysis-constructiveness view on poetry-evolving time-machine
algorythm of poem- breaths
no-ness in poem.nothingness
.........(please put more of your own findings in contextual scope of understanding (if possible...by metta-loving kindness.) ..................................
.........till infinity universality of poetics.)

''Innovatively experimental poetry is like a child born to win with an experienced old artist's maturity, adversity in its own creative destiny, making dream an impossible reality (no mimics but creative repetition in difference constituents in an alternative-poetic singularity in multi-facted realities and childish cuteness-ugliness(unknown-unexpected-subconscious playfulness) in poetics of innovation as adventurously transformative- imaginative-creative-uncreative attitude.''

[ from Nyein Way's poem''Eyes Of Ocean's sands'' (2014) ]

''i have nothing to say. and i am saying it.''
(John Cage)

''i am contentment.i am contented with nothingness.''
(anonymous poet)

''perfection is willnginess to be imperfect.''

'''modesty of poem starts existing as wisdom of silence-voyage.readers can feel and see it. ''

''contempoary installation artworks are poetry of innoations in multi-layered realities of human conditions.''
[from poet nyein way's poem
''q-reality''(2005) ]

ubu -com/contemp
Nyein Way: 99-rivers: 21st century new poetics
in academia-edu-com
[ancient wisdom: taoism
buddhsim literature]
poetics in academia -edu -com
Nyein Way: biopsy of silence in academia-edu-com
Nyein Way: AHandbook For Paranothingness: the key: yangon: myanmar
Nyein Way: Nakampati: 21st century new poetics(2013) , yangon, myanmar
nyein way at wikipedia
နကမ္ပတိ။ငြိဏ်းဝေ။၂၁ ရာစုကဗျာဗေဒအသစ်များ။၂၀၁၃။ရန်ကုန်။မြန်မာပြည်။
contemprary poetry books from usa, canada and uk.

life studies
autobiographical studies
metta-loving care practice
in daily breaths/breads
metta-loving care practice as education of heart in syllabus of life and truth and death.

*********''Death/death is in every breath.
We live only one breath authentic.

(post-contemporary poet/non-poet Nyein Way)

(apologies for miss
pelling and extra 'b' between words due to mybeyesight and small mobile phone samsung:
please cnsoider it as a puzzle of accidental poetry of being in vague -opaque reality. thank you.)

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