A Night Walk Poem by David Wood

A Night Walk

Rating: 5.0

Walking into evening's wet streets
On a dark cloudy night
Passing the dim glow from closed curtains
Showing very little light.

Strolling past the sleepy corner shop
That sells tempting chocolate bars
Then past terraced houses side by side
Outside the owners cars

Up the hill I go on my way
Where all the houses look sad
And past the noisy pub
Whose customers sipping pints are glad

Listening to loud music blearing out
That did not the neighbours entertain
I walked towards the playing green
Now an uneven grassy terrain

I walk through the dark playing fields
A favourite with the dogs
Looking down with each falling step
And past courting couples having snogs

Then down the busy main road
Past a policeman on his beat
Who looked at me curiously
Smiled, and 'evenin' he did bleat

I turned passed the busy petrol station
With thirsty cars a-waiting
Towards the fish shop with its long queues
Of customers - quite frustrating

Back up another hill past a closed workshop
And a railway bridge I then went under
To home with its glowing hall light
As the heavens opened up with thunder.

Sunday, November 27, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: nightfall,walking,rain
My Typical evening walk, though not usually do I get thunder
MAHTAB BANGALEE 28 November 2022

just walking through the dreamful night; superbly depicted the night by the exquisite poetic diction

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Lovely poem. Friendship, camaraderie and love make life worth living. A faintest smile gives a reason to live. A flicker of light we see..

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 27 November 2022

I walk Cooper the same route but not in exteme heat or cold and not in a snowstorm or in thunder Bravo!

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