A New Day Poem by David Wood

A New Day

Rating: 4.7

Let not the night play its tune out.
Oh let that deep sleep endure,
Sweet dreams where I did shout
That seemed to grip me so sure.

And let not my stamina fail
Under the covers I have warm feet
For the weakness of the night prevail,
This morning is too early to greet.

The morning comes with such speed,
The glinting light through the blinds,
The morning's activities I must seed
And start upon that daily grind.

Shall I roll over for here to stay?
And force the night to more play
Or go sure footed into the day
And let come by what may.

I like my sleep! !
Vineet Chhikara 11 June 2013

A well constructed i really enjoyed reading...

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Heather Wilkins 29 May 2013

Many mornings I just turn over and go back to sleep for awhile. The night goes by too quickly. a nice wrie

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..... W@king Up..... 25 April 2013

Ahh yes, the days at school where some just feel like turning over and falling straight back not sleep under their warm covers :) I am the same. Great poem :) -W

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Walterrean Salley 22 April 2013

Love the third stanza. Sleep is extremely important. I like the 8-hour concept. This is a beautiful poem.

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Sameera Alshaikh 18 April 2013

it touched my heart: ') 10/10

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Rajesh Thankappan 14 February 2014

It is always better to go walk into the day when the light lights up the earth. I liked the concluding stanza very much.

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Sian Sullivan 21 September 2013

Lovely poem, ! Beautiful.

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Ruby Mostazir 17 September 2013

nice to catch your poem here on contest n my pleasure to vote on it........: -)

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Geetha Jayakumar 10 September 2013

Beautiful poem..Each lines well expressed. Loved reading it.

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Unwritten Soul 11 August 2013

Beautiful words rolling! :) _SOul

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