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A Poem A Day - Rap Duel In A Movie Theater

Poem by Rita El Khoury

She stopped silently behind his chair
And whispered 'let's play truth and dare'
Shocked as he was, he didn't know what to say
After she interrupted his movie, in a strange way.
So without his agreement, she started the game
And asked him first about his name.

'Easy woman, he replied, what's the hustle?
You didn't even take time to spin the bottle!
My name is Mike, I drive a grey bike
And if you're up for a hike, I'm here to strike! '

'Ha-ha, funny guy, I see,
But not as much as me.
Bloke, ever since the movie started
You've been stealing my jokes, retarded! '

'Stealing your jokes, me? No way!
I'm just making sure they don't go astray'

'How? By saying them, loud and clear
So that everyone in the theatre could hear?
And so that you take all the glory
Out of my gags and funny stories? '

'Girl, you say your jokes with a small voice,
It's your choice,
But then, it's my own choice
To repeat them on a loud voice.
Plus, it's not like you own their copyright
So let's just get over it and not fight,
Everything's not totally black or white,
We could co-exist happily tonight
And maybe make a deal, who knows? We might!
Let's see: you make the cake and I grab a bite,
You work in the dark, and I stand in the light'

'Get out of my sight, dude'

'Oh, girl, don't be rude.
I see you are shy, but i am not
So I'll take the glances for you, why not?
You just keep this sense of humor you got
And I'll take it to the public's lot'

'I don't say all those funny things
So you end up flying with my wings! '

'It's so bad, you're a stubborn girl
And i'm getting mad, so I suggest you swirl
Then get back to your chair
And I'll forgive you this intrusion, I swear'

'Bragging braggart with no sense of art,
If I stop my jokes, you'll fall apart
But you know what? I got a heart,
So I'll admit it, you won this part
But your popularity is a heavy cart
Oh poor you, let me relieve you and hit the top chart.
B-bye, I leave you with this fart'

'Hey, wait, isn't there a way to compromise? '

'Mmmm. No, I don't trust boys with blue eyes
I asked you to stop but you weren't wise
Now, I'll say my jokes loud and clear
And make sure everyone will hear,
You'll be stepped on like a pair of used socks
And crushed so small you'd fit a matchbox!
Now sit down and enjoy the show
As you see your fame die, nice and slow.
And people will say: 'Poor ol'Mike,
He had it all, but he lost the mic
To a little girl who was sharp as a pike
And who ate him like a candy of Mike'n'Ike'

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