Rita El Khoury Poems

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Funny - Fat Cat

Once, there was a white cat
Who was really, really fat
So fat
She looked like a bat

A Poem A Day - Shopping With A Friend

Shopping with a friend is cool
There's nothing forbidden, no rule
And no parents to say what's suitable
Or to tell you what's unaffordable,

My Sister, My Friend

Today, I feel like I've spent all of my life wandering
Waiting for some kind of miracle, for someone or something,
I feel like being a unique child was written in my fate
Because meeting my sister wasn't meant to make me wait.

A Dream To Revive, A Pain To Kill

No more words to speak
No more eyes to seek...
I am once again on my own
Facing this desert of stone

A Poem A Day - Studying Pharmacy

Studyin' pharmacy ain't easy, I've been told
By many people, some young and some old...
Well, let me tell you, I'm not a 'nerd'
So take off your lips this ugly word.

Shakespeare's Lost Letter

Dear Lady, deep in the sand and the dust
My soul was meant to burn, rot and rust
When I met thee, in me, arose love and lust
For I found a heart, to worship and trust,

Au Seuil De La Démence

Comment supporter le cruel silence
Qui brûle et consume le reste d'espoir
Qui dévore la dernière miette de patience
Et laisse le coeur prêt à choir

A Poem A Day - Rap Duel In A Movie Theater

She stopped silently behind his chair
And whispered 'let's play truth and dare'
Shocked as he was, he didn't know what to say
After she interrupted his movie, in a strange way.

Hope's Funeral

All in black dressed, dark procession
Hand in hand, walking in apprehension
Weakened and ephemeral memory
That once was immortality and glory.

Forbidden Love

Outside, the sun is rising up once more
But she can’t find anything to wake up for,
Desperately lying on her little bed
Remembering every tear she has shed,