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Since birth he has been living in Genoa. He studied classical subjects at a secondary school of the Jesuits. In 1984, he took a degree in Medicine and Surgery. From 1985 to 1986 he served as Medical Adjutant Corporal in the Alpini. He attended formal training in psychoanalysis for 9 years. In 2003-04, he quite studied English. He visited Edinburgh, New York and London. He wrote poems, fictions, scientific issues. At the moment he attends to Wado-ryu Karate, already practiced in his youth, and finally falls in love with a determined girl: thou’ one cannot play safe.

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Aaa) The Origins, Crusades.

In the medieval towns there was an increase in people
But if one was in search of a doctor
One had to go to the ghetto and Europe envied Juda.
Dark roads of the ghetto, but bright ways of work!
Then sometimes Israel pushes a villain out of the way and elects a Queen as nice as Esther.
The Pope was in the troubles with the kings
So he sent some of them to the Crusades.
The knives made love with the Berber Princesses on the way to Aleppo,
They ate hot azime bread and drank mint tea under the palms,
They came from the fogs of Normandie and envied the sun of Acre.
The Crusaders wanted to become the favourite sons of God
The Eternal Father did not make differences.

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Lorenzo 21 November 2019

Paolo Mazzarello is very ironic while translate our times in terms of actually analogic situazions

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

your poems still retain their novelty and universality mainly due to the skilful presentation

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Catrina Heart 04 April 2009

An Italian poet of the modern age, his versitility applies in his works and his creations of dramatic series were truly remarkable.

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Onelia Avelar 17 June 2008

An essential Latin presence on this site, Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello is kind of a neo erudite :) and an interesting poet after all!

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He is an Italian poet. Some great English names have influence on him prevalently through some Italian names of the 20th century. He is not insensitive to English romanticism, but at the end goes back to half of the 19th century. At that point he merges into fiction, becomes a neo naturalist and so stays. With one eye, and something more, turned to America.

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