A Portrait Of Tomorrow Poem by Maia Padua

A Portrait Of Tomorrow

Rating: 4.5

Tomorrow maybe so uncertain
Maybe buried by today's shortcomings
Clouded with tremor and aloof tranquility
We stumble on the rotten ground
And trying to crawl towards total reformity

Inspite of dirty dust,
In this world maddened with illusion
Be cleaned again by dusting off
Nothing is permanent by grace of anything
Even the dust greatly stuck.

today is something by reality
tomorrow is quite different by change
let calmness be there by all times
to be or not to be
as always a million dollar query
will we live through this painful reality?

tomorrow's truth maybe deafening
tomorrow's portrait maybe blinding
but we only have to stay awake
to gain prestige and honor
never to be afraid of tomorrow's vagueness
for whatever awaits for us,
God still knows what is best.

Terry Craddock 25 February 2016

Hope Weaves A Better Tomorrow tomorrow is the land of dreams... in possibility dreams we may walk in paradise sow seeds of purity peace... into interweaving lives Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'A Portrait Of Tomorrow' by the poet Maia Padau. Dedicated to the poet Maia Padau.

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Terry Craddock 25 February 2016

tomorrow is the land of dreams, in dreams we may walk in paradise, sow seeds of purity peace into our lives

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Heather Wilkins 03 October 2013

a good write about tomorrow. with no guarantee but with hope it will be better than today. nice

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Maia Padua

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