Bri Mar

'' A Pre Nup Is Vital '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Paul's now married Nancy Shevell,
He knows she won't put him through Hell
It's great that he can now be sure,
She'll take him on a, ‘' Magical Mystery Tour ‘'

Paul has had a nasty fright,
He was having, '' A Hard Days Night ‘',
His ex behaved like a bloody whelp,
That's why he deserved some, '' Help ''.

All she wanted was'' A Taste Of Honey '',
Then she said, ‘' I Want Money '',
Poor Pauls mind was in a whirl,
He wishes he'd met ‘'Another Girl ‘'.

If he had there would be no frown,
All he asked was ‘'Don't Let Me Down ‘',
He told his Stella in a letter,
You warned me ‘' I Should Have Known Better ‘'.

Next time if there are signs of strife,
Take my advice and ‘'Run For Your Life ‘',
No need to listen to any more yammer,
Just use old ‘' Maxwells Silver Hammer ‘'.

His lawyers advised him don't say a word,
We'll soon have you as ‘' Free As A Bird '',
Don't get angry or even, ‘' Shout '',
Leave it to us ‘' We Can Work It Out ‘'.

Take a holiday perhaps to Rome,
You can celebrate now ‘' She's Leaving Home ‘',
Now you've finally given her shove,
Your money will make her a ‘' Soldier Of Love ‘'.

Some of the claims were really wild,
They should be thinking of their, '' Little Child ‘'.
She kept saying it wasn't me,
He really wished she'd ' Let It Be ‘'''.

Paul stayed silent despite the flak,
He only wished she would '' Get Back ‘',
Perhaps to Russia that's quite far,
Then she'd be'' Back In The U.S.S.R. ‘'.

Throughout it all felt like Digby,
He wishes he'd married '' Eleanor Rigby ‘',
The lurid claims kept the trouble brewing,
Paul asked her do you know, ‘' What You're Doing ‘'.

She says money that will do,
It's worth what came ‘' From Me To You ‘',
Paul stays quiet and keeps in line,
When asked he just says '' I Feel Fine ‘'.

He's worried about Bea and what she will say,
When she recalls, ‘' Things We Said Today ‘',
Paul had nothing to hide he had no need to lie,
All he asked was please ‘' Tell Me Why ‘'.

Some of the claims were really crass,
But Paul just says ‘' All Things Must Pass ‘',
Now she's finally gone away,
She has now become '' Yesterday ‘'.

That's when his pride he will restore,
He'll never look back on, ‘' The Night Before ‘'
He's behaved with dignity he's kept his pride,
Now he can buy a ‘' Ticket To Ride ''.

Now just as Pauls life transcends,
He'l say I'lll get by, ‘' With A Little Help From My Friends '',
As he starts his new life his problems unload,
He is now on, ‘' The Long And Winding Road ''.

Now she's long gone Paul lets out a sigh,
While his ex is still ranting Paul says, ‘' No Reply ‘',
She's raging at Paul she says it's not funny,
Her claim was ‘' You Never Give Me Your Money ''.

Paul said stop it you're making me cry,
Please go and get yourself ‘' Some Other Guy ‘',
I was doing okay ‘' Till There Was You ‘',
Now I can live, ‘' Like Dreamers Do ''.

Now this is finished I will guarantee,
Until I die ‘' You Won't See Me ‘',
Paul's a romantic he's not a fighter,
Maybe now he'll become ‘' A Paperback Writer ‘'.

He can tell us all now he's rid of his fetter,
How his new life is ‘' Getting Better ''
He can write a new book or create some new numbers,
Now he has time for some ‘' Golden Slumbers ''

Pauls divorce means they're finally apart,
He knows she had ‘' A Devil In Her Heart ‘',
She has finally gone there is no more pain,
Paul says ‘' Christmas Time Is Here Again ‘'.

He has now seen ‘' The Inner Light ‘',
Now that his ex is way out of sight,
His marriage to her was a bitter pill,
Which left him feeling like ‘' The Fool On The Hill ‘'.

But now he's back where he belongs,
Writing and singing his memorable songs,
At last he can say ‘' Here Comes The Sun ‘',
He now thinks ‘' Happiness Is A Warm Gun ‘'.

His new soul-mate Nancy is a gift from above,
He'll now find the meaning of ‘' Real Love ‘',
We all know his ex was making him cry,
Now she's asking her friends ‘' Don't Pass Me By ‘'.

So go on Paul you know what to do,
Tell Bea ‘' I'm Happy Just To Dance With You ‘',
‘' If You've Got Trouble ‘' you can take the flak,
Like you always say ‘' I'LL BE BACK ‘'.

Third time lucky with Nancy Shevell,
She'd stand by me, ‘' If I Fell ''
I know she'll never leave me reeling,
You ask how I know, ‘' I've Got A Feeling ‘'.

Pauls behaviour we can only commend,
We all knew he'd win through in, ‘' The End ''
Now he's remarried he can pen a new title,
perhaps he will call it,


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