'' As Our Planet Dies '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' As Our Planet Dies ''

Rating: 2.9

This planet Earth is quite unique,
I live, I breathe, I'm alive,
If you take out all my goodness,
I will no longer thrive

This planet like you is dependant,
On everything that's here,
By plundering my resources,
The end is now drawing near.

You are living on a knife-edge,
Yet still you choose to ignore,
Our planet is slowly dying,
I just can't take any more.

My ice caps they are melting fast,
As temperatures have increased,
Yet still you Humans ignore the facts,
You have awoken a raging beast.

You are draining out my lubricants,
You're destroying my inner soul,
What is left within me now,
Is a massive empty hole.

You are tearing down my forests,
Which cleanse this planets blood,
Now when it rains on my open plains,
There is nothing left but mud.

The Oceans are now rising fast,
My insides are on fire,
Unless you heed my warning signs,
The outcome will be dire.

Earthquakes happening all over the world,
While the hurricanes get stronger,
Unless you try to stem the flow,
This can't go on much longer.

Instead of throwing money away,
Here's a very simple deduction.
Invest it in saving the planet,
Not on weapons of mass destruction.

If you'd listen to my pleas for help,
We might just turn this round,
But we need to work together,
If a solution's to be found.

Continue on your present course,
Then I will guarantee,
There will be no more life on Earth,
If only the blind could see.

Unless you change the way you live,
Very soon you'll hear my cries,
Human Beings are responsible,
Now watch,

‘' As Our Planet Dies ''

Yash Shinde 22 October 2012

very interesting work and very good thought loved your style

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Kelvin Owusu 20 September 2012

i found this to be an interesting and truthful, we will not do anything until it seems too late for the planet. i found this to be a great piece excellently written

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