Bri Mar

'' A Rainbow Coloured God '' - Poem by Bri Mar

God gave us colours in our daily routine,
A clear blue sky the grass so green,
The colours of the mammals, all the life in the seas,
Our rainforest habitat they're all there to please.

Our colour's a gift which we can use and enjoy,
Yet it's also an issue we can use to destroy,
This subject is unique to the human race,
That we can judge another by the colour on their face.

Racism is prevalent wherever you travel,
It's a problem the scientists have failed to unravel,
We claim to love colour but that's strictly not true,
If you're the wrong shade there could be trouble for you.

We claim to be intelligent yet nuance is still used,
As a reason for hatred an excuse to be abused,
If only we could accept that we are what we are,
Racism would die we'd be on an equal par.

We must fight back or our cultures they'll smother,
There's no colour on earth is superior to another,
Under all our skins we're exactly the same,
We're all trying to survive in life's great game.

There are evil people who'll use our colour to fight,
They don't give a damn if they're wrong or right,
The only message they are trying to convey,
Is you'll do what you're told you do not have a say.

They claim their saviour inspires hostile intent,
That's a message that's certainly not heaven sent,
The good Lord above wants us all to believe,
These people are evil they are trying to deceive.

Religion and colour are attributes to cherish,
Treat them with contempt and we'll all surely perish,
Our creators teachings are of peace not war,
Killing and maiming we all know he'd abhor.

When the racists are judged they'll be held to account,
Those crimes they committed they will never surmount,
The God who presides over them what colour will he be,
What will he look like very soon they will see.

There's none of them know but they're in for a shock,
As they all stand silent to be judged in his dock,
From out of the shadows the good Lord did appear,
He said let me make it abundantly clear.

I created you in my image in different shades,
Your abuse of my colours now that's what really degrades,
The racists from every culture stood rooted and overawed,
for standing there in judgement was,

‘' A Rainbow Coloured God ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 24, 2012

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