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A Pretty Cup Of Coffee

I don't like to go to a coffeehouse To have a cup of coffee, I love to have my cup of coffee In my house, That's me. Coffee is great and delicious, so I have a cup of medium coffee or They give me unsweetened cup of coffee In the morning, In the afternoon, I have my lunch, then I make myself an amount of A cup of coffee in the kettle, In the kettle You can get very delicious coffee Because you have to boil the coffee With the water adding, if you want, Some sugar cubes, They say coffee causes Your blood pressure to go higher Than water falls, Coffee is delicious, but Too much coffee is not good, It's a habit, It's like coffee-addiction, Some people drink or sip Coffee too many times, There are many kinds of coffee, so It depends on drinkers, At dinner's time, Some have a few cups of coffee Because they feel they need them, Coffee is great, but If taken carefully, My friend wants me to buy coffee for him, But I buy one time, My friend is greedy and My generosity does not mean To enjoy coffee at my expence, so Coffee needs money Because it's expensive.

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life