A Prouder Man Than You Poem by Henry Lawson

A Prouder Man Than You

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If you fancy that your people came of better stock than mine,
If you hint of higher breeding by a word or by a sign,
If you're proud because of fortune or the clever things you do --
Then I'll play no second fiddle: I'm a prouder man than you!

If you think that your profession has the more gentility,
And that you are condescending to be seen along with me;
If you notice that I'm shabby while your clothes are spruce and new --
You have only got to hint it: I'm a prouder man than you!

If you have a swell companion when you see me on the street,
And you think that I'm too common for your toney friend to meet,
So that I, in passing closely, fail to come within your view --
Then be blind to me for ever: I'm a prouder man than you!

If your character be blameless, if your outward past be clean,
While 'tis known my antecedents are not what they should have been,
Do not risk contamination, save your name whate'er you do --
`Birds o' feather fly together': I'm a prouder bird than you!

Keep your patronage for others! Gold and station cannot hide
Friendship that can laugh at fortune, friendship that can conquer pride!
Offer this as to an equal -- let me see that you are true,
And my wall of pride is shattered: I am not so proud as you!

Nenita24 Mbaye 11 May 2007

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Perry Gamsby 17 February 2006

Inspiring, totally inspiring. This man was so with it so long ago. A classic case of an intelligent man stifled by the arteficial restraints of class and wealth.

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Brittney Pit 07 September 2005

this is great im doing this for a school skit GREAT!

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* Sunprincess * 31 January 2014

......so true.friendship can win hearts around the world....very nice..

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Yelena Oliver 11 August 2015

Perfect! !

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e e 20 February 2022

e e

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Mahtab Bangalee 29 October 2019

great writing on human character// love it

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Valdema Rakafa 13 September 2015

I like the poem and truly birds of a feather fly together

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Valdema Rakafa 13 September 2015

I like the poem .....makes me gain my confidence

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Yelena Oliver 11 August 2015


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