A Real Torch Never Burns Out Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

A Real Torch Never Burns Out

with the appropriate financing
the Crowdfunding way
sketches of prints
studying indigenous naval engine designs
to the charcoal pencils
without mathematical calculations
the pure artistic way
after talking with my professors for days
visiting them and getting gain of advice and knowledge
thanking my every effort of no giveups
putting together all my pieces of the puzzle
many talented and skilled komradz bodies dropped
due to overdoses of real metal bullets
to synthetic pill popping
and years of incarceration
puts me at the forefront wid'dat stamina
never ignorant getting goals accomplished
no awards or medals needed
just realtime progress as always
cause when the sunset hits if my penny stock prices stop then they stop
based on the particular stock market exchange
see real recognize real
and when you like me
you can run circles around haters without knowing
they be in the same spot like before
and i bee laughing at em all via load hauling and dropping
building an amazing web of what is really going on like Jay Morrison
let them keep sleeping like a McDonald franchise indigenous owner told me two years ago
when he saw me peeping out his operation working my side delivery business professionally about mine
that conversation with him was worth a third of the average high school teacher salary
which is the same equivalent i funded my Mutha food franchise
flipping situations and moving respected members in better positions
i don't be focusing on other people who ain't likeminded and DNA related as you can see the world is bigger than their peeyon visionary trippings
let the cowards and bustas keep they yapping on the internet
cause my small crew who landscape for the biz gets paid cash or direct deposit
do you see any obsolete around me causing static? nah
okay how about you?
then they don't exist
and there won't be no surprises they programmed to be
that's the life of a teevee channel fool
my people in Ghana (and all over Afrika) know exactly what im talking about
Jamaica (and the Islanders) what's up?
my people in the UK from London to Reading to Birmingham to Manchester to Cambridge know exactly what im talking about
cutting they vocals and thoughts short then silenced
minding my own business has been the most critical lesson since 6 years old
now im 36 minding mine to be exactly and looking 21 all day and night
which gives me 15 years more back to be complete and more related with the younger youth wisely without any asking my age
keeping mystical traditionally
cause i bees the bridge who connects the dead to the living
walking them across as often as i can
while my All bee happening on its on twenty four seven
haters position is best if they hand over they deed by forfeit one way or the other
ain't my fault your family members never stayed educated plus had no plan of the future
that's your fault
trick and busta and wannabe enemy
and if you get the heart to approach me face to face immah beat your heartbeat back to none at the exact time your valve opens
to pump
your blood
into that weak heart
leaving you with that feeling
detaching yourself quickly
cause you never had the positive spiritual motivation to reattach yourself which is the Soul
to that assigned body
and because of your Unbalanced action you will never get the chance to return
you better off asking that european author who wrote your basic instructions before leaving earth
earth as in your body and the physical plane
that author and male affiliates be your lord by ranking system
and you be the gentleman they gentleman in they ranking system since you got none indigenously or do you?
cause he (or them since they 325AD)your maker
and deciphor
the translator for you between you and your god
guess he was holier than you and gonna stay richer per every book sold
may you never see any dividends and reasons why and how he deciphor your god frequencies for you and you couldn't...
and if you feel me then go get a copy like you suppose too
cause i betcha Nat Turner wouldn't and neither Sister Bello
and i don't be caring about no Caucasian cause even they lost more than you
they gotta tribe who is outliving them and nowhere near as violent and probably none to date
they been lost their ways and shamed to depth cause of it too
so yeah you two work perfect go ahead together blinds
made in your heaven perfectly
hope your hell keep you on your toes
and don't forget to say that indigenous Amen...
sucka and them hypocrites and hypercrites...making up fables to recreate yourself when your peoples to be asked is going to say "they never got that from us...they must have lost their way... "

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: real life,real success
it ain't nothing like being real cause realism can only be backed by truths and facts... no lies required. And oh to that youth i spoke to today about making his own Hedge Fund..you keep at it and don't quit regardless of your family situation keep your focused right and stay away from the females cause if they was down then they wouldbe...let them live their own life and you learn your cultures and follow your path. And this goes out to any like him in the southeast region of the United States. Put them video games down and learn how to build a airplane or ship to what is a Crowdfunding? and how you can make your own Stock Market Exchange via state level not federal. and ignore this internet thang just let the cyber crime units locate the suspects via IP Address or report the website to ICANN and your local Ombudsman Office to include BBB....leave em sleeping and thoughtless while you help employ your fellow peers per generation lowering crime rates and the crime...let the ignorant do the time by turning the tables 180 with a mirror and watch they break that reflection or indulge in it...3/8ths of a Ruler 24hrs three sixty five etc....
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