A Scene From Another Day In South Africa (3) : Necklace Poem by Gert Strydom

A Scene From Another Day In South Africa (3) : Necklace

(in answer to Robin Camhee)

Desecrated he did defecate in his pants
when the pursuers caught him
did try to jerk loose while they were carrying him

but he was forced into the ground,
a car's tyre was violently flung over his head
and his swollen lips did bleed

while fuel did flow over his head and body,
the crowd did murderous laugh madly
while the women jeered en somebody did light a match

and flaming he screamed vulnerable
for a moment did flutter like a butterfly
and God did witness the murder of an innocent man.

[Reference:"Scenes from another day" by Robin Camhee.

Poet's note:"Scenes from Another Day" by Robin Camhee

"Stranded in the middle of nowhere
her children by her side
a battered case, some cooking things
an O.K. packet with stuff,
scattered them the possessions
of a lifetime…
she stands admit the flattened walls of her house…"

"another day
as authority
forces a removal."

"Lost amidst commuters
concrete and glass
a used ticket in his hand,
some change, a letter in his pocket,
some tattered clothing in his sack
flung boldly over his shoulder…"

"another ruralite
come to take his chance."

"Sprawled in the dusty road
blood gushing from a head wound
the legs twitching neurotically,
a broken body pours out its life…"

"another day
as the casspirs
make their rounds."

"As the smog settles
it shrouds a mangy dog
dragging a bundle
from a rubbish heap,
its eyes rheumy
its jaws slavering in anticipation…"

"another sunrise
as a abandoned baby
feeds a township mongrel.

"As he shivers in the heat of the evening
the piss running down his legs
the shit anxious to fly out,
he empties his pockets
while the knives hover close…"

"another week
his children will starve."

"On a corner
the barricades are up,
the fires are lit
and a ring of dancers
chants the last rites
as black smoke
smears the sky…"

"another life is torched."

"So as you make your face
clip on your earrings
for a night on the town
the heavens
indifferent as always
placidly pass from day to night
just as
the glib words and foul deeds
that crush our lives
pass you by,
you might wake to another day
hung over from the night
and then again,
you might not…"

This poem was published in the book:Scenes from Another Day" new South African writing, Writers Forum, Johannesburg,1989.]

© Gert Strydom

Monday, December 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death
Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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