A Self Pat! Poem by sreelekha premjit

A Self Pat!

Rating: 4.5

I walk the skies
sip in the air
jump the roads
pluck hopes.

I thrive on sorrows
enjoy despair
chuckle at challenges
gather broken hearts.

I wallow in ignorance
swallow pride easily
wink away hurt
weave purple coated dreams.

I feign polite indifference
when scorned
smile secretly at such foolhardy
hope to charm in time.

I relish myself
treat me to pleasures of love
send secret sms to my heart
search joy in dark secrets.

Read these eyes
watch out for joy
If you look for sorrow
beware of being fooled.

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: me
Anil Kumar Panda 23 March 2012

i think you are the happiest in this planet.wish i could be like you.liked it.

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Rakesh Bedi 06 October 2009

if it is only a poem, sree, then.i salute you and would say....being a teacher by profession, it is your foremost duty to teach yourself first, and well done, i must say....and if you actually are like the character projected, then, i am envious of you, dear....now, let's have the truth, if you'll plz....? ? ?

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Remya Sasindran 05 January 2009

liked the crispiness of this one. the short sentences and the pace were fun. but why the question mark at the end of your title 'self pat? '.

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Kesav Easwaran 30 March 2008

gather broken hearts? your imagination really walks in the sky! good piece, sree congrats.

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Vidyadhar ... 04 March 2008

nice one remids me 'Notes to Myself, from Hugh Prather.I liked it...........

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