A Soldier Is Dead Poem by Dewald Viljoen

A Soldier Is Dead

Rating: 2.8

I was just a man.
I was not cruel or heartless.
I did not live with hate.
I merely did what you asked.

My last night, was not in the arms of my lover.
My last day, was not in the land of my father.
My last thoughts, were not of my mother.
My last words, were never uttered.

I did not seek glory.
I had no need to find riches.
I was not a coward,
I did not fear death.

I paid the cost of one life,
I cannot really say why.
I soaked my blood into another man's soil,
I looked for the last time at another man's sky.

When you see my name upon a wall, do not cry,
I knew, that it was my job to die.
I expect no sympathy
I just ask, remember me...

ngaio beck 05 September 2008

Powerful piece.Much truth, but they won't.(remember him) , only the suffering next of kin.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 13 May 2008

Hello Dewald, what an outstanding poem, a great tribute, awesome. I loved it and the message. Good work, Loyd

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 01 March 2008

life is sometimes a puzzle!

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Lauren S 18 January 2008

I really liked this its really well written. You have really bought that aspect of lifeas a soldier to life.

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Shannon Wright 17 January 2008

This one gave me goosebumps. -shannon

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Dewald Viljoen

Dewald Viljoen

Swakopmund, Namibia
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