Complete Poem by Dewald Viljoen


Rating: 3.2

I have stood where angels fly,
and I have crawled where demons sleep.

I fought with lions,
and I ran from the dark.

I drank the honey sweet dew,
and I spat out the bitter black poison.

I laughed at some beginnings,
and, I cried at to many endings.

I have loved with passion,
and I have wept with sorrow.

And, because of you,
I survived it all.

I was whole for a moment,
I can never be broken again.

Tanya Stanford 16 August 2008

Lovely piece. Expressed so well. Full emotion of lifes heartache and hope.10/10

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Bob Blackwell 08 April 2008

Dewald I enjoyed thus poem, the struggle in life ending with strength. Keep writing I will read more of your poems. Bob Blackwell RSA

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I very much enjoyed this poem. And I loved the image of strength with which you ended it. Peace, L&T

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Shannon Wright 19 January 2008

Dewald- I count myself among your biggest fans and this poem is the perfect example of why. I feel like reading exceptional writing like this helps me to write better. -shannon

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Aaron Chrysostomou 15 January 2008

wow thts a gr8 poem i rely cn relate 2 what you say and you got loads o skill

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Dewald Viljoen

Dewald Viljoen

Swakopmund, Namibia
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