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I sat before my desk last eve
To assess my current plight;
The things I see, you might agree,
Indicate a major blight.

How like the seasons is our life,
We face the sunshine, storms and strife;
As seasons come, so they must go,
We are enjoined within that flow.

Can you find a humble man,
Glad to be on God's green earth?
One who holds no greedy plan,
Knowing wealth has no true worth.

In an attempt to lighten up my poem site I offer
this doggeral style ditty about my neighbor's dog-

I used to range those farming fields,

O muse of mine please work with me,
Teach me to write simplisticly
And I shall seek no grander plan;
Just poetry for the common man.

I remember, still remember
Though she's lately gone ahead;
They still linger, always linger
Precious words my momma said.

Daughter's gone, daughter's gone,
Still my memories linger on;
All those moments through the years
Fraught with anguish, doubts and fears.

This man with only one good eye,
Had labored long to find
The path to God, in a troubled world
That seemed completely blind.

'Tis the day before Christmas
And I'm stuck in the mall,
The traffic is moving
At barely a crawl.

Long years ago we said our vows,
Which ended with a kiss;
In thinking on those years, I see
Some trials, some tears and bliss.

I know a most uncommon man
Who now must stand alone.
The way he chose to walk life's span,
Our group would not condone.

This old house out in the country
Surely, isn't much to see,
With it's sagging walls and chimneys,
Yet, it's still a home for me.

Do you yearn to be a poet?
So do I, come with me;
We may soar among the masters
On the wings of imagery,

Life's weary road I've wandered ever long
through victories, triumphs and much defeat.
Those who travelled with me now are gone.
Another time with them would be a treat.

From our moment of creation
Till our last day on this earth,
Comes the search for things eternal;
Moving forward from our birth.

The poets found here on this site
Just turn my envy green;
There's Smoky, Juan, sweet Adeline
And prolific Walterrean.

Dear God, could you reveal thyself
In a way we understand?
Could you make known some way to share
A universal plan?

As I stroll through my halls of memories,
Surveying all twas good and all twas strife,
It seems some inner wisdom in me sees
The joys, the blessings friends gave to my life.

We met down at the city park
Where old folk often go;
This day he seemed unduly sad,
His thoughts were causing woe.

The winds blow by, blow to their distant space,
Life's winds oft blow us from our chosen path;
Our winds of time will e'er to soon displace
The joys and beauty that a lifetime hath.

Joseph Anderson Biography

I am a semi-literate farm boy from the hills of KY. Have been writing poetry since World War 2.and prefer the rhyming verse form.I do a lot of thinking. Please join me and rate my thinking. Perhaps I protest to much.)

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A Candid View On Aging

I sat before my desk last eve
To assess my current plight;
The things I see, you might agree,
Indicate a major blight.

My heartbeat is irregular
And, likewise are my bowels;
My appetite has flown the coop
While my nervous stomach growls.

My sex drive took a wrongway turn,
On life's highway, some miles back;
My drugs for that don't seem to work
So, I'm no good in the sack.

My bones keep going crackle-pop
And my back's in constant pain;
I have fungus on my toe nails
And my garden needing rain.

My teeth and hair are getting thin,
I'm having trouble seeing;
My prostate gland has swollen up
And that restricts my peeing.

That about sums it up, for now,
Not to mention larger ills.
Did I forget to tell you how
I keep mixing up my pills?

I'll be eighty five, when spring arrives
And, with luck, I do survive;
So, thank you, thank you, thank you Lord.
Gosh! It's great to be alive.

Joseph Anderson Comments

Sylva Portoian 01 June 2012

You... our dear Joseph You are never Semi-Literate All the famous poets in the east and west They did not write and read but they Poeted the best poets on earth... Poetry doesn't need language It needs passionate deepest sense... And you have it all All are shinning there Will never vanish You will remain Immortal Like any dear poet Who were poeting before Jesus Christ...! Sylva-MD-Poetry

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Valsa George 25 August 2012

Amazingly sharp of mind and agility of spirits, this veteran poet of eighty seven is indeed a treasure to English poetry. His poems, delivered in rhyming and lucid poetic diction comprising a plethora of experiences is a pleasure to read! I wish him many more years of creative career ahead! ! !

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Walterrean Salley 07 May 2012

Eighty-seven-year-old Joseph Anderson is an American treasure. This apt poet shares from a unique perspective. He writes passionately with the depths of wisdom, garnered over many years. Joseph’s poems warm the heart. His themes—some nostalgic and others contemporary—relate to everyday life. And his profound messages are very easy to grasp. It’s hard to stop at reading just one of Joseph’s poems, or to choose a favorite among them; they all are just that good. This 87-year-old World War II veteran has inspired many. And he has a lot yet to give. His days of inspiration are not over. And I wish him the best.

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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

Very talented poet......God bless You...////

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Joyce Richards 22 July 2019

Reread several poems this morning and have started my day feeling uplifted. Wonderful work! ! ! !

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nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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Patricia Grantham 12 July 2013

I have had the much privileged opportunity to read many of Josephs poetry. His poems instills a sense of self worth and is very uplifting and heartfelt. His use of words are so very well put together and leaves very little to the imagination. Some can be funny and others can be very emotional. A true poet in all aspects. Many thanks to you from the depths of my heart. Love and peace!

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Nurain Ali-balogun 17 September 2012

Joseph Anderson is one of the unique poets whose poems I've been priviledged to run into. He seems to always have the perfect concept, perfect lines, perfect words and the perfect rhymes to cap it all.

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