A Sonnet For The Moon Poem by Inday Prising

A Sonnet For The Moon

No, I'm not resentful, I'm just in question
Why you are so drawn to her gravitation

She appears to me like a little child
with innocent smiles and a face so mild
with untainted and sparkling little eyes
That are filled with undeniable lies

She used to make me smile with her innocence
Now I feel an ache when I'm in her presence
How I pray, Apollo would take her away
And hide her beauty in the cold month of May

Up above the night sky, she shines with your stars
And here I am cut with the same old scars
Brought about by my inevitable past
A rubbish past, that would forever last...


Manonton Dalan 01 January 2016

maayong buntag day kayo man imong poem

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Keith Hendrickson 06 January 2009

like the way this piece began. good work overall

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cartgayz 857 19 March 2008

Nice poem tere! sosyal man mga words gamit oi...hehehehe

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Janri Gogeshvili 19 March 2008

14 expressive lines … attractive 'current'

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Maria Rose 11 March 2008

Nice composition, Maria. Maria Rose

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