As I Lay Waiting Poem by Inday Prising

As I Lay Waiting

Ignorance is once again upon me
Embracing me into this impasse
Dissipated clouds witness my reverie
As I take this feeling to a new degree

Dried yellow leaves of the old oak keeps falling
Dreary breezes of the night remains burning
Not a star above the sky is twinkling
But the moon above keeps brightly shining

I close my eyes as I lay here waiting
The sojourn cold leaves my hands shivering
Then renders my limping body quivering
Etherized, laying, as if I am dying

Exhausted with all this pointless running
Can’t seem to stop desperately dreaming
I see myself continuously falling
As everything around me is fading

I hear only deafening silence screaming
Within my ears it is heartlessly asking
“…why can you not stop crying,
…for someone who is not even trying”

As I take this feeling to a new degree
Dissipated clouds witness my reverie
It’s embracing me into this impasse
For ignorance is once again upon me


Rahul Aithal 09 December 2009

Beautifully written. Keep writing. 8

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Keith Hendrickson 06 January 2009

a beautiful piece. i loved it. 'ignorance is once again upon me embracing me into this impasse' nice work

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Estrella Baldemosa 25 May 2008

pagka nindot baya...keep on writing!

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David Desantis 22 April 2008

'Dissipated clouds witness my reverie' that line hooked me...very nice, a sense of hopelessness and events out of your control in this one...i like the continuous use of action words. great stuff, check out mine if u get a chance

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