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Ignorance is once again upon me
Embracing me into this impasse
Dissipated clouds witness my reverie
As I take this feeling to a new degree

Soft sounds of distant poems filled the rancid air
Along with restless whispers of Romeo's heir
A theater filled with consuming empty chairs
Warned me again with my forbidden prayers

Through thousands of people around us
And the pensive chill of the night air's debris
I see the silent shadows of you and me
Walking awkwardly through a chained melody

No, I'm not resentful, I'm just in question
Why you are so drawn to her gravitation

She appears to me like a little child

Nabati ko
ang bug-at nga tulo sa tubig
nga dala sa kusog nga uwan
gawas sa akung gamay nga bintana

for josse

Ashes of memories drowned the night
And burning passions started to ignite

I'll whisper this words
so you would hear

I'll whisper it softly

for mama

How do I tell you
that I lose your precious

She takes in a breath as the roaring sun sets
And watch shadows fade into faint silhouettes

The smell of melted pink candles filled the air

Here I am
listening to the sounds
of young lovers
whispering sweet nothings

9 p.m.
tomorrow night
would be a year
from that night

(para kang Ayvince)

Kalimtan mu na lamang ba?
Ang mga pag-ulayaw ngadto sa Asotea

Nag-uwan na usab
ug ania napud ako
Naminaw ining karaan nga kanta


I will kiss you in your sleep
While you are dreaming so deep

Away from the Sandman's grip

(for tonio)
the terraces @ 07-21-09

An entity alone in itself

* unknown land

As i sit here listening to whispers
uttered from a thousand years

imprints of voices in mi corazon
wakes the sleeping senses of buried feelings
within the hallows of my mind
i feel the rushing of my blood

(original title is Ever Lasting Friends)
for Elf, my student

Let the butterfly flatter against the mid-afternoon wind

(for Kit)

Beyond the cascades of dimmed yellow lights
and drums of thundering heartbeats

Confused with
all the thoughts
that are drowning my essence
once again

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As I Lay Waiting

Ignorance is once again upon me
Embracing me into this impasse
Dissipated clouds witness my reverie
As I take this feeling to a new degree

Dried yellow leaves of the old oak keeps falling
Dreary breezes of the night remains burning
Not a star above the sky is twinkling
But the moon above keeps brightly shining

I close my eyes as I lay here waiting
The sojourn cold leaves my hands shivering
Then renders my limping body quivering
Etherized, laying, as if I am dying

Exhausted with all this pointless running
Can’t seem to stop desperately dreaming
I see myself continuously falling
As everything around me is fading

I hear only deafening silence screaming
Within my ears it is heartlessly asking
“…why can you not stop crying,
…for someone who is not even trying”

As I take this feeling to a new degree
Dissipated clouds witness my reverie
It’s embracing me into this impasse
For ignorance is once again upon me


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