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A Teacher's Prayer

Rating: 3.2

Oh! Goddess of Knoledge and Wisdom!

Blessed I am to provide knowledge to those
Who seek the same from me and chose!

Conscious am I of my role as a teacher
Sure to guide my students as a preacher!

Help me improve my knowledge full
To do my duty noble with all my skill!

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Mamta Agarwal 29 June 2008

the poem reminds of my school days when teachers were so dedicated. all your prayer poems have atimely message

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Rema Prasanna 23 May 2008

How good a teacher of this caliber, I liked the concept. well written

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Melvin Banggollay 18 March 2008

You have such a wonderful poem that reflected how my father, a teacher, love this noblest profession. I really like this very much, brother. It is inspiring and full of deep wisdom. Salamat, melvin

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Gita Ashok 09 June 2010

What a lovely prayer to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom! When I began my career as a college lecturer, on my first day at work, this was the kind of prayer I said before I entered the classroom for the first time and met my first batch of students.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 30 October 2009

School is my temple, I am a servant To serve the children of God as a savant Make them strong pillars of society On whom will rest the edifice of nobility.............i bow to God and to teacher also as he is main architect and leay s foundation in our life.....10 read mine Goddess sharda......henlaid aneggs...kids...school

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Chitra - 27 February 2009

wonderful..a very humbling poem

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Sandra Fowler 15 September 2008

A prayer of dedication and humility. Beautiful and humble. Ten for this. Warm regards, Sandra

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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 August 2008

Sir, Your student and teacher prayers remind me Upanishad prayer of 'shannoo Mithrashyam Varunaha shanna Indro Brihaspathihi Shanno Vishnu rurukramaha.........' But I doubt....how many good /ideal teachers and students we have nowadays? ! ! great compositiosn

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