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Rain on my dreams, Monsoon
black clouds...
rain on my ornamental feathers
shower on my pure earth

Death paints darkness at noon
Earth not feared of death
Death paints darkness at noon
Sun shines sky so bright

From Ice Age glaciers to
Big Bang manifestations
Science of matter, relativity and
Quantum Mechanics on a

Plain white sheets I write on.....
one emotionless day stand still in front
its calm cold layers
freeze my fingers,

Soldiers fight straight wars
near the boundaries of mother
nation and safeguard humanity
and at the end die like a martyr...

An ache perforates veins deep
Blood cold as moods of night
tears fall on food I eat
tears fall on food withered

I came to your abode God,
my glockenspiel loud to wake you up
my mind in manacle, realized
not your gentle demeanors

I walk along the shore
a faint whisper
I hear from ocean
waves calm after a

Boiling sea water, lumps of salt
salt of freedom,
flavor of decades

When I grow on my wise perception of prime age
An old age home, I do not crave for definite
I allow you children, to take away my belongings and
to honour the love and feelings shared along

If silence can rupture
manacles from
golden chambers,
speech unites

Pride and armor
of a lineage, a perception
cautions and lifts inner to a

Be there as the highest peak
Not essentially to differ
Not eventually to conjure
Be there as a genuine will

Rema Prasanna

The fire that grasps and coffin confines
the last breath at the final countdown
of life vanquish not on one deceptive,
feign hedge where the vociferous

Rema Prasanna

Mirror on the matt finished wall

The blue sky roof expanse was fairly pleasant in noon
But you made me give away my dreams by evening

It began when we crossed the border of Bangalore at Hosur

I want to go back to my origin where I belong
essentially to satiate my soul
one homecoming on a realm where
soil blends a fragrance most like the earth

Scandalous rumors arrive, decked
in all shades colors, grey, black, blends of
multiple numerical games, wild, fierce,
timid snide, assail from

Non One Artificial Painted Heart
by Rema Prasanna

A smile embraces

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! Monsoon! !

Rain on my dreams, Monsoon
black clouds...
rain on my ornamental feathers
shower on my pure earth
on my pleasant dawns,
my passionate oceans, mountains
deep meadows and all over my
marigolds, campanulas
on days petals chisel like
black stone, carve a deity
for me to worship
while you play cancans, I sit in
my chamber and play mandolin
give me plectrums to pluck strings
from your drizzle source
my song birds, clouds
you chased out, I nest
them in my heart’s comfort
faded sun rays I fill in cauldrons
to subside your hunger
rain, terrorize black clouds
and shower all over me
I like your melancholic rhythm

© Rema Prasanna
July 31,2008

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