A Tortured Soul Poem by McDonald Mbejere

A Tortured Soul

I know not the things of life,
Only that life itself is fleeting.

Days. they come and go
And we, the souls glued to flesh wallow through it
Physicality creates a pretense in a quest to find perfection
And for lies, I allow admitance
Conceit, deceit, these I do repeat
Time and time again, towards my faith I admit defeat
And yet I am convinced that each creation was for a greater purpose
I try with all my might to love, but only from a distance
And meet hatred with resistance
And in times of great darkness
I fall to my knees in prayer, for it is the reason I persevere
Being human, I may falter, fall away into malevolence as I face it
And it is this life that leadeth me to pureness but in choosing wrong, it poisons me
Either out of ignorance, or out of knowledge
As I embrace it

I know not a many sin
But a sinner I am non the less.

By every nightfall i wonder ye graves
Treadn on soils that forbid & cant even harbour the brave
Sharin memories of lost souls that earnestlysearch for a second chance
Or even a glance, on those they loved and left with so much unsaid
Stranded where no soul knows comfort
Night by night for salvation they all prayed
Let this sinner be purged of all triflations
And penance pave way for thyn salvation

I know not of Eternity
But in punishment, i've come to percieve the true measure of sin.

I caught myslf missn the sun
Not remembrn what it looks likes fls lyk a bad pun
In the absence of tears how do u xpress such pain Living every tragidy, leaves us prayin for rain
Maybe something can wash away these filthy smears of flesh and blood
But all my wailing falls on deaf ears
This is the deapest grave, but i dug it smilin,
unwitting and ignorant
I forced the hand of my Father
Sentenced to endless time, farthest from grace
Non can imbrace such suffering
And for eternity, time z spent wondering, of what would have been?
& what should be
A flourish in Light n peace
But a cage is all i have, and to share with thekeeper of this hole
So grotesque a creature it is, my tongue forbids to call it a soul
And in this place that we don't grow, immortalitys curse wl be my unrest

I know not of purity
But out of death, i have come to find grace.

Hearts and souls now peacefully linger in this place
Where the sun shines brighter with the moon by its side
And these eyes once blinded, see a light a thousand times brighter than the sun
Angels beside me, singing beautiful melodies
laughing, dancing in perfect serenity
And everything is as it should be for all eternity

Tried to capture Earth, Purgatory, Hell, and purgatory and divide it in parts.
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McDonald Mbejere

McDonald Mbejere

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