Dexterous Poem by McDonald Mbejere


Rating: 4.0

So confused about what I want led me to venture.
And then you come along and I’m convinced what I needed, Just fit right into my puzzled mind.
The only colored piece amongst the bleakest you’d find.
Roused by the nights till sight of what’s really going meets loss.
Truth be told I can’t have you Not really no.
But just love from a distance When deception permits sneak through a window just to get a kiss,
And leave the same I came for its all momentary bliss.
The right ones step in at the wrong times.
And the wrong ones are always there. Pushing for the love of a man out of you When this Pinocchio is trying to feel like a real boy,
And all the same fighting for Helena The Trojan beauty with a death toll of many a men’s hearts,
Quite precisely hewed in the enticement arts.
We all come selfish but she’s dexterous with sharity.
So languor pushes pride off the bridge to a rocky demise
And jealousy with her despise, walks into the room
But she is dexterous with sharity.
And the two sit in the darkest corner.
Loathing with anguity

This, the habitual jeremiad, Knows more vanity than the scars that I embody sneaking kisses through a window
For I’m always leaving your bed side before the sun tosses dawn to shatter as glass
Like a creature damned should bear comeuppance.
But let these scars stay,
I’d have you keep your healer at bay.
My happiness with her betters me in the end;
So I’ll take as the right means to a soothsaid promise,
Of me independent of the crude and pompous,
Wrong ones who won’t have a time to be placed wrongly;
No love crime shall befall me after she rubs me so warmly
To sleep, even for a short while
I have to remember dawn comes quickly when the heart’s most docile.
I may slave to time, but this all betters me in the end.
And I promise am ready for the tears that befall when she leaves,
For I will always recall, the beautiful sweet touch of Helena But that’s how much I deserve how it betters me in the end.

The last one am writing about myself.
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