McDonald Mbejere Poems

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If it's true, what the the say about Love. Then I left my heart in another year. It was much like the present, but he was a different me. And I've lived with the vivid scars for every surgical skill was unapplyed. The puddle of his essence was one beautiful sight. As it trailed from the open cavity, the glow was unmatched.

If it's true, what the say about hate. Then I've showed alot of skill balancing on such a thin line. Do I love me or another me? , their me or maybe your me? . Standing at the crossroad looking glass self. Which me shall I wear today, and will the other still hate as much.

A Tortured Soul

I know not the things of life,
Only that life itself is fleeting.

Days. they come and go
And we, the souls glued to flesh wallow through it


So confused about what I want led me to venture.
And then you come along and I’m convinced what I needed, Just fit right into my puzzled mind.
The only colored piece amongst the bleakest you’d find.
Roused by the nights till sight of what’s really going meets loss.

If I Only Had You

If I only had you
I'd maybe believe in dreams being true
I would find faith again
Marry you in a beautiful sunny rain

If I Only Had Me

If I only had me
I'd collect the crumbles
As quickly as they become rubbles
I could keep up with dismay,

The Simpler Things

The simplest sunshine rose today,
Mildly bright without a cloud in sight
But it went west without appreciation
Slow dissipation took it

Mother's Calling

I listen to drums played by my neighbor;
His tongue is different, but his tune;
His tune speaks to me.

Lover's Slavery

You were mine once,
I could've dyed you any color,
Because that's the kind of grasp and power
That you have over those that love you the most,

So Much Unfounded

I wouldn't understand me
But you still try to
I wouldn't fathom you
But you indulge me

To Reap Un Sown

The late hours dawn all my spiraled contemplation
The section of each day that my mind resembles the sea
Because I can't seem to shape things without stencil
These images confuse me

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