A Tree Mouse Poem by David Harris

A Tree Mouse

Rating: 5.0

Wherever you go, you’ll see them
assorted coloured tree mice.
They can be white, black, red and grey.
I must admit I have never seen one
with poker-dot spots,
by now your asking
what the heck is a tree mouse.
Well they are bushy tailed rodents
that love nuts and fruit and other assorted things.
Like a cat, they’ll raid a dustbin or two.
They scamper across our lawn
come the summer time
even do a high wire act
when cables are off the grown.
They tease the neighbourhood cats
with their arial displays
saying come and catch me if you can.
Knowing full well the poor cat
is no tightrope walker.
They are cheeky little fellows
and you cannot help watching them.
If you have a bag of peanuts
and your not quick enough
they will climb down your arm
help themselves, then grab the lot.
Some people call them a pest
and I know a few cats
would agree with that.
Personally, I get great pleasure
watch the tree mice play.

11 September 2009

Marilyn Lott 24 September 2009

They sound like the little chipmunks and squirrels we have here in the states. They used to love to tease my poodles years ago with their chattering and running up and down the trees. Lovely poem, David. '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Alison Cassidy 17 September 2009

I'd like to see Beatrix Potter illustrate this. Sweet poem about a squeaky subject. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Carol Gall 11 September 2009

lovely vision played here with your words 10

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David Harris

David Harris

Bradfield, England
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